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Hamas War - Israel: Netanyahu's ultimatum sufficient to free the hostages?

The siege of Gaza deprives Palestinians of electricity, water and goods. But as the situation becomes critical for civilians outside Hamas, Israel announces that the siege will not be lifted. until the hostages of the Islamist group have been destroyed. released.

The essentials

  • Six days after the Hamas attack in Israel, Israeli bombings continue on the city of Gaza. Israeli strikes also target southern Lebanon and the Golan Heights in Syria.
  • The total siege of Gaza, maintained although prohibited, makes the situation critical: the territory no longer has electricity. while water and food are scarce. Palestinians are invited to leave the country but cannot cross any border to flee. The UN is negotiating the establishment of a humanitarian corridor.
  • This Thursday, October 12, this conflict escalated. Israel more than 1,200 dead and 2,700 injured, while on the Israeli side Palestinians, 1,200 people died and more than 5,600 people were killed. injured, according to local authorities.
  • The conflict between Israel and Hamas has claimed other victims: the 130 hostages that Hamas says it is holding and threatens to execute. every time Israel bombs the Gaza Strip without warning. À note that on Wednesday evening, Hamas announced having released a hostage and her two children.
  • Emmanuel Macron has planned a meeting with French political parties this Thursday before a televised speech on the French television network. 8 p.m.
  • French people have been victims of the Hamas attack in Israel. 12 nationals died and 17 are missing “including several children”, said the Prime Minister. The latter could have been kidnapped by Hamas. A repatriation of French people still in Israel is organized. this Thursday, October 12..

Images of the conflict



1:54 p.m. – Israeli Prime Minister promises to "crush" Hamas

"Just as ISIS has been Crushed, Hamas will be crushed. And Hamas should be treated like this. in exactly the same way as ISIS" said Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu this Thursday during a press conference after his meeting with the American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. According to him, the Palestinian Islamist movement must experience the same fate as the jihadist group.

The Ministry of Health from the Gaza Strip reported a new toll of 1,354 people killed and 6,049 others injured since the start of the Israeli response against Hamas.

Read also < h3 class="app_edito_title_2">1:29 p.m. – The first French people repatriated from Israel this Thursday

Six days after the Hamas offensive on Israel, France is organizing the first repatriation of its nationals present on Israeli soil wishing to leave the area. A special Air France flight is scheduled to depart from Tel Aviv this Thursday at 4:40 p.m. On their arrival in France, the returnees will be welcomed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, informed the Quai d'Orsay. Another repatriation is planned for Friday, and perhaps a third Saturday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the death of a twelfth Frenchman killed in Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel. The Quai d'Orsay added Still being "no news of 17 compatriots whose disappearance is considered very worrying".

1:05 p.m. – Hospitals in great difficulty Gaza

The siege of Gaza is having serious consequences on the region's hospitals, which have been in even greater demand than usual since the start of the strikes with the influx of injured patients. But if the activity The number of medical centers is increasing, their resources are decreasing and some are already lacking. medical supplies or medications. "We were already lacking; There was no supply of medicines, even elementary ones, before this war. This time it’s worse" worry Adnan Al-Wheidy, a Palestinian doctor in charge of two health centers à Gaza, near the Parisien. It's also electricity. who will come to lacking, then hospitals will be able to take care of patients even less, or even more at all. Many are working for the time being thanks to generators powered by fuel reserves, but when the fuel is exhausted there will no longer be any fallback solution. The Committee International Red Cross (ICRC) warns of the humanitarian situation which will become “very unmanageable” à Gaza.

12:44 – Israel supported by NATO but invited à a "proportionate" response

NATO countries have guaranteed Israel and its Defense Minister of their "solidarity" since the offensive led by Hamas and have recognized "clearly that [this country] had the right to defend itself […] against these unjustifiable acts of terrorism". However, they called à a “proportionate” response or defense. In their statement, NATO members demand that Hamas "release immediately" all the hostages he holds and they condemn with the "strongest terms" "terrorist" attacks; of the Islamist group.

12:22 – Israel aims for "liquidation" of Hamas

At a press conference, the Israeli army announced clearly its objective: that of the "liquidation" of Hamas in power in the Gaza Strip. "Right now, we're focusing on their senior leadership, not just the military leadership, but also their government officials all the way to the end. [Yahya] Sinouar [the leader of Hamas at Gaza]". Ambition had already been achieved. Summer posed by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

11:59 – Hamas crimes and Israel's response condemned by UN experts

UN experts strongly condemned the "horrible crimes" perpetrated by Hamas in Israel, but they were also very harsh towards the Jewish state by condemning “the indiscriminate military attacks of Israel against the Palestinian people of Gaza. They denounced a "collective punishment" carried out by Israel against Gaza rather than a dedicated response to the actions of Hamas.

11:38 – More than 340,000 people ;placed in the Gaza Strip

The number of displaced people continues to grow and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees counts 340,000 people displaced in the Gaza Strip , six days after the start of the strikes. The organization adds that 218,600 of these refugees were able to be accommodated in its 92 schools. The influx of refugees is such that "shelters are overcrowded and availability is limited" of food, non-food items and drinking water is limited" she warns in a press release.

11:12 – Israel prepares for death a "land maneuver" à Gaza

"We are preparing for the next stages of the war." assured the spokesperson for the Israeli army Tsahal during a press conference this Thursday. And this next step should be a "land maneuver" on the Gaza Strip, but nothing "has yet' “decided.” "It could be by air, "It could be in conjunction with the airline. from the sea and the air. We are waiting to see what our political leaders eventually decide on the ground. said the soldier.

10:40 – "The right to Self-defense is not a right to exercise. “indiscriminate revenge” according to Villepin

The war between Israel and Hamas is part of decades of history and clashes between the two populations involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which is a "cycle of violence" according to former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. Guest on France Inter, the former politician warned against responses to questions. bring to the horrors and terrorist acts carried out by Hamas, especially against those which target an entire population distinct from the Islamist group. "The duty of humanity imposes itself on all. […] The right to Self-defense is not a right to exercise. indiscriminate revenge. There is no liability. “collective punishment of a people for the crimes committed by a few”, estimated Dominique de Villepin in reference to the siege of Gaza by Israel which weighs on the more than two million Palestinians foreign to Hamas.

The politician recognizes this ;horror and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Islamist group which targets “in a systematic and general way a category of population”, but according to him it is necessary to “avoid the response being indiscriminate ;e does not lead to ignite the region a little more, but also the world.

10:04 – The siege of Gaza will not be lifted until the Israeli hostages have been destroyed. released

While Gaza lacks electricity, and water due to the siege carried out by Israel, the Israeli Minister of Energy assured this Thursday that the entry of humanitarian aid into Palestinian lands will not be possible until Hamas has freed Palestinians. the hostages. "No power switches will be turned on, no water taps will be turned on, and no fuel trucks will enter until the kidnapped Israelis return home." is it written in the press release? of the minister.

During a conference at Bordeaux last night, Jean-Luc Mélenchon insisted on explain its position, which has been widely criticized since Saturday: "If we agreed to characterize a war action as terrorist, we would remove it from international law. Why? Because international law does not provide for any designation of a terrorist nature. The only two organizations which have been Shown by the UN as terrorist organizations are Al-Qaeda and Daesh, period. And add: "If we want what we call war crimes to be prosecuted and judged, we must call them by the name that allows them to do so." add: "To qualify certain acts as terrorists is to justify two things: first, the right of others to take revenge and the end of international law to the favor of the strongest. If I'm wrong, then show me.

This Thursday, at On the antenna of France Inter, the Minister of the Interior announced that "more than a hundred" Anti-Semitic acts had taken place in France since the Hamas attacks against Israel on October 7 and that “24 people had been killed”. arrested". Gérald Darmanin mentioned "tags, swastikas, 'death to the Jews,' calls for violence. the intifada against Israel. He also reported  even more serious acts: people who were arrested with bladed weapons. the entrance to a school or synagogue; a drone that we saw flying around inside a courtyard of a Jewish place of worship. "At the moment whenù I'm talking to you, there is no Islamist terrorist threat that would particularly affect our compatriots of Jewish faith in France,” he said.

https: //twitter.com/franceinter/status/1712345490841375039?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

"The Ezzedine al-Qassem Brigades firedé “rockets on Tel-Aviv in response to Israeli strikes targeting civilians in the Al-Shati and Al-Jabalia camps,” Hamas has just declared. We don't know yet; at this stage if these rockets hit the ground and whether they caused casualties in Israel's economic capital.

READ MORE Map of the conflict between Israel and Hamas 

Since the Hamas offensive on Saturday October 7, Exchanges of air strikes and clashes take place. The fighting between the armed group Islamist and Israel are concentrated around the border of the Gaza Strip.

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