Handelsblatt: Uniper's rescue package is almost ready – Finland's desired solution is off the table


According to the newspaper, breaking up Uniper, run by Finns, is no longer an option. Tytti Tuppurainen commented on Uniper's crisis last Tuesday. Henri Kärkkä[email protected] at 9:56

The German government has almost completed the rescue package for Uniper, reports the German financial newspaper Handelsblatt. According to the newspaper, the package will be announced on Friday.

According to the German newspaper, the German state is about to take a 30 percent ownership stake in Uniper. Earlier on Friday, Handelsblatt talked about 25 percent. According to Handelsblatt, the German state becoming the owner of Uniper will probably take place at a price of 1.70 euros per Uniper share.

At the same time, Fortum's ownership share would be diluted from the current 78 percent.

In addition, according to the newspaper, Uniper's rescue package includes funding of 6-7 billion euros from the German government and a license to be given to Uniper, which allows Uniper to start charging a higher price for the gas it sells.

Uniper's basic problem is that the company is bound by long-term sales contracts, based on which the company has to sell gas at a price many times cheaper than what the company itself pays for the gas it delivers.

Splitting is no longer on the table

According to the magazine, splitting up Uniper, run by Suomen and Fortum, was no longer on the table. Finland wanted Uniper to be split into two parts. One would have had a loss-making gas business and the other the rest, such as profitable hydropower and nuclear power.

The rescue of Uniper is urgent because the company is making a huge loss of around 50 million euros per day and its credit ratings are on a knife edge.


Handelsblatt: Uniper's rescue package almost ready – Finland's desired solution is off the table

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