Hardly anyone knows about Prince Andrzej's roots. Many wonder why Queen Elizabeth indulged him so much

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Again, it is loud about the beloved son of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

 Few know about Prince Andrew's roots. Many wonder why Queen Elizabeth indulged him so much

Last week at the age of 96 British Queen Elizabeth II died, which was considered the end of an era in the history of the United Kingdom and the whole world. Her eldest son Charles ascended the throne, and the rest of the family was once again on the candlestick.

Portal & ldquo; Pomponik & rdquo; reports that attention has also focused again on the second son of the deceased monarch, Prince Andrew, who in recent years has been involved in numerous scandals of criminal abuse against children and women.

Nevertheless, he was until the end the favorite child of Elizabeth, who forgave him for all sins. It is believed that it has to do with Andrzej's origin, or rather his alleged father. At that time, the queen, tired of the tensions in her marriage to Prince Philip, his numerous jumps to the side and his party lifestyle, was to establish a close relationship with Lord Porchester.

 Few know about Prince Andrew's roots. Many wonder why Queen Elizabeth indulged him so much

Speculation is strong as well due to the early actions of the queen's husband. Prince Philip, who himself came from a Greek royal family, had to yield to his wife in everything, and even sacrifice his career for her. Also, his children could not bear his last name.

After the birth of Andrew, the prince argued that only illegitimate children bear their mother's surname. The royal then succumbed and since then her descendants who are not included in the predicate of Her/His Royal Highness have the double surname Moutbatten-Windsor after Philip and Elizabeth. This is the case with the two younger son of the deceased monarch, as well as the children of Harry & rsquo; ego.

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