Harley Quinn season 3: the most insane anti-heroine returns in force on Toonami

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Harley Quinn is back (along with Poison Ivy) on Toonami for a third season of the wacky animated series.

While the abundance of superheroes on the big and small screen implies a revival of the genre and its codes, DC surprised its world with Harley Quinn. Somewhere between the wickedness of The Boys and the second degree of a Deadpool, the animated series dedicated to the clownish anti-heroine has managed to pull out of the game by his cowardly and cheerful humor, leading to a proper deconstruction of the universe of comics.

By this adult approach, without depriving itself of any profanity, sexual reference or gratuitous act of violence, the creation of Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey s is imposed in beautiful subversion, in the perfect image of her supervillain emancipated from the grip of the Joker.

Broadcast on HBO Max in the United States, Harley Quinn is back with its third season, available in France exclusively on Toonami from January 11, 2023, at 8:55 p.m.. If fans of the character and some comics have imagined a romantic relationship between the criminal and her lifelong sidekick, Poison Ivy, the series has taken the plunge to canonize this love story in the DC world.

The showrunners have thus made it the emotional heart of their story, so that behind the comic dimension of the episodes, Harley Quinn never forgets to deal in depth with the feelings and torments of his super- bad guys. In any case, this season 3 is more than ever focused on this shocking duo nicknamed “Harlivy”, who returns to Gotham after the famous “Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour”. Always helped by their team of misfits composed of King Shark, Clayface and Frank the Plant, Harley and Poison Ivy embark on the plan long matured by the latter: to make Gotham an ecological paradise.

In the middle of this narrative arc, season 3 is once again a concentrate of tasty references and parodies, whether it's a James Gunn cameo, a Court of owls adept at orgies or an ever deeper psychoanalysis of the Bat-Family. In short, Harley Quinn is still an enjoyable series, which you would be wrong to deprive yourself of.

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