Harmful attachments: how debts suck money out of your wallet and what to do about it


August 3, 2022, 11:08 | Business

How to cut a knot of debts.

Harmful links: how debts suck money from the wallet and what to do about it

Any banknotes are endowed with their own energy. It can be destroyed only by reckless actions of a person, informs Ukr.Media.

And if a person wants to attract financial well-being into his life, then he should get rid of harmful attachments. They cause serious damage to the budget and lead to poverty.

The Law of the Universe speaks of some important rules for dealing with money. If you listen to him, your wallet will never be empty.

There are also methods of getting rid of loans and debts. And then money will not flow out of the house like a river.

What are harmful attachments and how do they affect monetary energy

Debt always creates problems and disrupts the cash flow, which does not work in the person's favor. The borrowed amount can block financial flows and worsen the financial situation. And it is not always possible to restore them quickly. And if a person has accumulated debt, it always works against him:

  • financial well-being is disturbed and luck disappears;
  • there is no way to attract money into life;
  • < li>the debtor takes his luck with him.

Each energy binding helps to change human life for the worse. To prevent this from happening, you need to quickly break the vicious circle and remove from your life what blocks the free flow of money.

How to cut the knot of debts

Debt always brings with it financial failures. The energy balance is disturbed, which cannot be restored quickly.

There are 3 important tips to get rid of debt:

  1. It is desirable to pay all debts before the set deadline. Money should be returned in the same amount that was taken. Small amounts should not be divided into several parts. This is how the energy flow of money is interrupted, which is restored with great difficulty.
  2. It is important to call abundance into one's life in various ways and methods. You also need to find ways for financial development. Luck is not always on the side of debtors, so you should try your best to increase your income or look for new loopholes to supplement the family budget.
  3. Money should be given only at a favorable time. Bad days for repaying debts are religious holidays, the setting of the Sun, the period of the growing Moon, Monday and Sunday.

You can get rid of harmful energy attachments if you follow the correct repayment money:

  • for the phase of the waning Moon;
  • the day after receiving a profit;
  • recalculation before the return;
  • debt should be paid only with the right hand and in small bills.

Every person can get rid of debts if he controls his family budget and does not resort to unnecessary expenses. And if you don't take on new debts, the old ones will stop appearing in your life.


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