Harmless household habits that steal money from your wallet


May 5, 2022, 10:00 | Business

Things you can save your salary on.

Harmless household habits that steal money from your wallet

It is not always necessary to change jobs if there is not enough money. Our habits are to blame for poverty. Look at actions from a different angle, and we will help you with this, informs Ukr.Media.

A habit is an action that we do on an automatic machine. It is formed as a result of repetition of the same thing, the brain remembers it and transfers it to an unconscious mode. Therefore, we ourselves do not notice how these habits “steal” money from our pocket.

Don't make a menu for a week

And this behavior saves a lot of time and money: because you know exactly which products you need to buy, in what quantity. It is easy to calculate the weekly (monthly) expenses for food, and not to get into all the trouble on payday. Studies have shown that on this day people spend 25% more than on other days, and then count every penny.

You don't turn on intelligence

Expensive household chemicals can be made from materials at hand – household soap, shaving foam, raw potatoes, vinegar, baking soda. For example, glycerin replaces furniture polish and reliably protects against dust. And an old dish sponge with a couple of drops of cream (even with an expired shelf life) is a shoe care product.

Rarely wash windows

How can dirty windows affect the family budget? It's very simple – dust and raindrops interfere with the penetration of natural light into the room. As a result, you turn on artificial lighting more often and waste electricity.

You do not update the tariff for communication and the Internet

What providers do not do to retain or attract new subscribers! If you have been using the tariff for a long time, there is a reason to look at new offers or call the support service and hint at more favorable conditions from competitors. Be sure that you will be offered an attractive option or a discount.

Not optimizing subscriptions

Why should you pay for cable TV when you can use a streaming service to watch your favorite series, and most TV shows are broadcast online? Not ready to give up TV — freeze the tariff for 1-3 months. If during this time you have never had the desire to turn on the TV, feel free to refuse the service.

Leave the devices plugged in

An electrical appliance plugged into an outlet consumes a certain amount of energy. And if there are several of them? That's right, a round sum comes in a month. In addition, the device under electric current can be dangerous for children and animals, attracts more dust. And constant charging spoils home appliances – a laptop or a smartphone.

Do not grow greens in the house

On the kitchen windowsill you can grow not only onions on a feather, but also other fragrant, aromatic herbs – parsley, basil, mint, rosemary. And you can get a crop of cucumbers in an insulated loggia. Only choose hybrid varieties for the greenhouse.

Do not visit elderly relatives

Grandparents always look forward to their grandchildren, treat them generously homemade pastries, sweets and, in addition, they often give a little money. Of course, we don't love them for that, but money is not superfluous either.

You don't follow the routine of the day

You stay up late in social networks, and in the morning you wake up close. And in order not to be late for work, do you call a taxi? It happens to everyone. Of course, this amount will not greatly affect the family budget. And if this happens 3-4 times a month?


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