Harry Potter: These blood-chilling theories about Gryffindor house

Harry Potter: Those Bloodcurdling Theories About Gryffindor House

House Gryffindor, to which Harry Potter belongs, is adored by all. Still, you may not know everything about it… We explain.

This is the house of courage, of heroes. The whole Weasley family went there, as well as the hero of the saga, Harry Potter, and his two parents. Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore were there too, by the way. Moreover, in the last episodes of the saga, as well as in In Fantastic Beasts, we were able to discover some sides of Dumbledore that are not all white. Between lies, manipulation and thirst for power, does the former director of Hogwarts represent the Gryffindor house as it should? It's time to reveal the dark side of those everyone considers heroes.

Neville Longbottom

He could have become a Death Eater. Indeed, in the first four installments of the Harry Potter saga, it remains in the background. However, a parallel can be drawn between the Marauders and the trio Harry, Ron and Hermione and… Neville. Harry would be James, Ron would play Sirius, Hermione takes on the role of Remus, and Neville could be Peter. However, the latter betrayed his friends to join Voldemort. Moreover, Neville could have been chosen by the dark mage, since he was born almost at the same time as the hero with the scar, and his parents also challenged Lord Voldemort three times. In any case, it's chilling to imagine this endearing character as a Death Eater…

Ginny Weasley

The only girl in the Weasley family has experienced very significant trauma during his first year at Hogwarts. Indeed, she was possessed by Tom Riddle via his diary, and attacked students. Although it's not mentioned, many fans believe the Weasleys' trip to Egypt was arranged for her to recover. By winning the jackpot, did this Gryffindor family want to make their youngest child forget the events?

Fred and George Weasley

The real fun, these twins. Besides, one wonders if all the pranks and tricks they offer are legal… Some indeed seem very dangerous. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, they manage to get Dudley to eat a candy that makes his tongue swell. However, the Muggle could very well have died! Others of their creations can also be used for sneaky purposes. When Draco Malfoy escapes from the Room of Requirement, he uses the Instant Powder of Darkness from Peru. During a Quidditch match, they give Katie Bell a Neansang Nougat, causing her to bleed out…pretty dangerous, right?

Lavender Brown

The young girl is madly in love with Ron in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Moreover, some fans are convinced that she drugged Ron with a love potion. Indeed, in this particular volume, the potion is mentioned many times. Romilda Vane also tries to make Harry ingest it so that he falls for her. In any case, we can say that Ron's obsession with Lavender is quite sudden, and a bit mysterious… isn't it?

Harry Potter

For some, the hero of the story is indeed dead when Voldemort casts the Killing Curse on him in the Forbidden Forest. He then finds himself in a strange, very white place, alongside Dumbledore. Fans argue that Harry would have chosen to come back to life because he was master of the Deathly Hallows. Indeed, why would he have seen the former headmaster of Hogwarts if he had not died? This theory, far from being the craziest, seems really logical. Otherwise, why talk so much about Relics in the last volume? Would J. K. Rowling have wanted to give free rein to the imagination of readers by keeping this question open?

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