Harvard appoints its first black president

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Harvard appoints its first president ;black side

Claudine Gay when she was dean in 2019 She was speaking at graduation ceremonies at Harvard University in Cambridge.

The prestigious private American Harvard University on Thursday appointed as its head the dean of its main faculty, Claudine Gay, who becomes the first black president of the establishment, in the midst of a debate in the Supreme Court of the country on positive discrimination concerning women. students.

Daughter of Haitian immigrants, professor of African and Afro-American studies, Claudine Gay is considered a specialist in minority politics.

Ms. Gay is a dedicated teacher and mentor whose courses have covered topics such as racial and ethnic politics in the United States, black politics in the post-civil rights era, American political behaviors and democratic citizenship. , writes the university announcing her appointment on its website.

A member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, she also founded and directed the ;Harvard America's Inequality Initiative, a multidisciplinary effort to energize Harvard's teaching and research on social and economic inequality, says Penny Pritzker, who heads the new president's selection committee.< /p>

She is currently Dean of the Faculty responsible for Science and Social Sciences.

Her appointment, following a months-long process that generated more than 600 applications, is announced as x27;Harvard, first in the Shanghai World University Rankings for 20 years, is at the center of a major debate on affirmative action in the very conservative United States Supreme Court.

Seized by a neoconservative activist, the Court had devoted on October 31 last nearly five hours of hearing to the admission procedures in the oldest private and public universities in the country, those of Harvard and Caroline du Nord, which take into account the skin color or the ethnic origin of their candidates in the evaluation of their files.

The objective is to correct the inequalities resulting from the segregationist past of the United States and to increase the share of black, Hispanic or Native American students in higher education, but these policies have always been criticized in conservative circles which consider them opaque and see it as reverse racism.

The high court must issue its decision, which would apply to the whole country, before the end of June 2023.< /p>

Claudine Gay will take office on July 1, 2023 at the university located in Cambridge, near Boston.

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