Has the “battle of the official opposition” begun in Quebec? | Elections Quebec 2022

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Has the “battle of the official opposition” started in Quebec? | Élections Quebec 2022

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois answered questions from the press on Friday morning, before heading to the UMQ Electoral Summit.

A new rivalry is taking more and more space in the Quebec election campaign: that between the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) and Quebec solidaire (QS), which, according to recent projections based on polls, could both aspire to occupy the benches of the official opposition the day after October 3.

Even if their attacks are most often directed at the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), the PLQ and QS are x27;ignore less and less. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, in particular, believes that the PLQ has not lived up to its position in the Blue Room since the election of the government of François Legault in 2018.

Thursday evening, during the Face-to-Faceof TVA, the QS spokesperson criticized Dominique Anglade for not having effectively played her role as leader of the official opposition between her coronation as head of the PLQ, in the midst of a pandemic, and the calling of the elections, last month.

And he gave a layer of it during a press scrum on Friday morning, not only by reiterating this observation, but also by reaching out to the generation that built Quebec, the generation of people who have this love of major projects and who have already voted for the Liberal Party, among others.

According to him, the PLQ is no longer the party it once was. Many observers agree that the Quebec Liberal Party is looking for itself, Mr. Nadeau-Dubois said Friday morning.

“There was a nationalist turn, a progressive turn… Yesterday, Ms. Anglade spoke on several occasions like some of her predecessors, Mr. Charest, Mr. Couillard… In short, the first revival of the Liberal Party of Quebec doesn't seem to be happening, ultimately. »

— Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, spokesperson for Québec solidaire

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois wants to stay in the opposition; I aspire to replace François Legault, replied Ms. Anglade, arriving a little later at the Electoral Summit of the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ). I am looking to be prime minister.

The Liberal leader criticizes QS, among other things, for wanting to impose new taxes on Quebecers and for not seeing the fight against climate change as an opportunity.

According to the most recent projections from the Qc125 website, which specializes in seat projections based on different polls, the PLQ could elect from 11 to 25 deputies on October 3, while QS would be likely to grab between 5 and 17 constituencies.

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The party of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Manon Massé formed the third opposition group in the National Assembly following the 2018 elections.

QS, however, downgraded the Parti Québécois (PQ) to become the second opposition group when Marie-Victorin MP Catherine Fournier walked out of the party in March 2019, a position he retained until the dissolution of Parliament.

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