“Hasta la vista, baby”: Johnson delivered a farewell speech in the British Parliament (video)


«Hasta la vista, baby»: Johnson delivered a farewell speech in the British Parliament (video)

The British Prime Minister remembered Ukraine and urged his successor to protect the Ukrainians and stay close to the Americans .

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the British Parliament during his last series of questions to the head of government in his position. In his last speech to the deputies, he remembered Ukraine, gave advice to his successor. Johnson said a parting word from the movie “Terminator” – Hasta la vista, baby. The speech was broadcast live on Sky News.

Among the advice that Boris Johnson gave to his successor was a call to support Ukraine.

“First, stay close to the Americans, protect the Ukrainians stand up for freedom and democracy everywhere,” Johnson said.

“I love the Treasury, but remember that if we had always listened to the Treasury, we would not have built the M25 (London Orbital Railway – ed) or the Channel Tunnel (the tunnel that connects continental Europe and Britain – ed),” he said.

At the end of his speech, Johnson thanked everyone and uttered a phrase from the movie “Terminator” – Hasta la vista, baby, saying goodbye in this way.

According to media reports, the Conservative Party plans to reduce the number of candidates for the next British Prime Minister to two by July 21, and elect a new leader by September.



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