Hate speech skyrockets on Twitter with Elon Musk, experts say

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Hate speech skyrockets on Twitter with Elon Musk, according to experts

Hate speech – including racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic attacks – has skyrocketed on Twitter since the social network was acquired by Elon Musk, according to Several studies carried out by researchers and compiled this Friday by The New York Times.

For example, while before a daily average of 1,282 racist insults appeared on TwitterAgainst African-Americans, since the richest man in the world controlled the platform that figure has tripled, to 3,876.

Something similar occurs with terms homophobic messages, which have gone from an average of 2,506 per day to 3,964, or with anti-Semitic messages, which grew by 61% in the two weeks after the change of ownership in the social network.

Rapid rise

The figures have been compiled by experts from US organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League or the Center Against Digital Hate and contradict the claims of Musk and his team, who have ensured that hate speech has been reduced on Twitter. On the contrary, researchers consulted by the NYT point out that they had never before seen such a rapid increase in problematic content on one of the major social networks.

The billionaire businessman disembarked He took to Twitter promising to expand freedom of expression and has taken several controversial steps, including offering an “amnesty” to thousands of accounts that had been suspended for His publications, including that of former US President Donald Trump, banned for tweets about the assault on the Capitol and which, according to the platform, could incite violence >.

In addition, Musk has fired thousands of company employees, including many involved in moderating and controlling content.

Despite this, he has tried on numerous occasions to reassure the < strong>advertisers, guaranteeing that Twitter will not become the Wild West, promises that have not had much effect, as many companies have chosen to stop hiring advertising

Islamic State resurfaces

In addition to an increase in hate speech, several experts point out that they are returning It was possible to see accounts on Twitter that the social network usually did not take long to eliminate, for example those that identify themselves as part of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS).

In the In the first twelve days with Musk at the head of the social network, 450 profiles linked to IS were created, compared to 69 in the previous twelve days, according to data from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a group that studies extremism and disinformation on the internet.

They also point out that the payment verification promoted by Musk has allowed accounts linked to the theory that they could not be used. he QAnon conspiracy to endow itself with the well-known blue mark and receive a certain veneer of the legitimacy in the eyes of many users.