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Have a greener vacation with these 3 Google features

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You're going on vacation ? Today, you have the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint when you travel, by using features available online. Whether you have chosen the plane or the car, Google helps you choose the flights or routes that emit the least CO2. In addition, when choosing your accommodation, you have the option of selecting certified establishments.

1 – On Google Maps, the shortest route is not always the most economical

It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes, to save fuel and therefore emit less CO2, it is sometimes advisable not to take the shortest route. And in fact, for a few years now, Google Maps has offered an option that allows you to obtain optimized routes to save you fuel. This feature, already available in France, has even been improved, since it also allows you to specify the type of engine of your car, to have a truly optimized route.

To use this feature, after getting directions, simply open the menu at the top right, then go to Options. In the options, you have the possibility to activate or not the functionality, Favor fuel-efficient routes, without forgetting to select the type of engine of your vehicle. This feature is available on the Google Maps Android and iOS apps.

Google explains that it makes its calculations taking into account the average fuel consumption of vehicles in a region, slopes, traffic trends, but also road types. “The most fuel or energy efficient route may vary depending on engine type. For example, the relative fuel economy of diesel vehicles is generally greater on the highway. Hybrid and electric vehicles tend to offer greater efficiency during city trips and on hilly roads, where they can benefit from regenerative braking”, we also read on a Google support page. It is therefore important to select the engine type when using this feature.

2 – Choose flights with fewer emissions

The plane pollutes, but the emissions are not the same for each flight. And if you want to reduce the impact of your vacation on the climate, you can choose a flight that emits fewer greenhouse gases. Furthermore, on its flight comparator, Google already highlights this. This indicates the emissions plus or minus emissions (as a percentage), per passenger, for each flight that is displayed in its results.

3 – Same for accommodation

Likewise, when looking for a hotel, you can choose those that have eco-friendly labels. For example, on the Google comparator, certain establishments have an “eco-certified” label. According to the firm's explanations, this means that an independent organization recognized by Google has certified the hotels' commitment to environmental sustainability.

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