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Have concerts become too expensive ? Nicolas Sirkis “disgusted” by the price of tickets

While the price of certain concerts by French or international artists is exploding, Nicola Sirkis, leader of Indochina, expresses his concern about the prices of certain tickets.

Has going to see an artist in concert become a luxury ? The question has arisen in recent years with the explosion in ticket prices for certain artists ;ments. More than 100 euros for Usher à Paris, until 'à 650 euros for Madonna or 5,000 euros for Bruce Springsteen's tour in Europe. And when fans protest such prices on social networks, few voices are raised. But among them is Nicola Sirkis, leader of the group Indochine, who regularly expresses her "egoût" face &agrav; such an explosion in the price of a concert ticket.

In the columns of the Journal du Dimanche, this April 23, 2023, the singer denounces the inflationary outbidding of concert organizers for certain artists. "When I see the ticket prices of some of my colleagues, I am indeed appalled", explains Nicola Sirkis to the JDD. Avantçadvantage to maintain, whatever the cost, the price of lives from Indochina & around fifty euros.

"À from the moment when ù If we decide not to enrich ourselves at the expense of our audience, the one who allows us to live our passion, there are consequences. Our tours are open to all. balance because they are complete for a long time. in advance, but we make little or no profit and this has an impact on our fees. “Sometimes I don’t take any,” adds the singer from Indochina.

Why are concert ticket prices increasing ?

Several reasons are put forward to explain the increase in ticket prices. As Télérama recalls, concerts represented 30% of artists' income, compared to 75%. % today. Streaming platforms, much less profitable than sales of physical albums, would also have contributed to &agrav; make artists more precarious, therefore forced to increase the number of tours and concerts. Also, the number of events has also increased, going from simple to doubling in a few years. More concerts, more artists, but also more concert halls (notably the Arenas): this affects the price of tickets. The bigger the room, the higher the price of the place.

With the new online ticketing systems, the greater the demand, the more the price of tickets increases. Added to this is the establishment of different zones, with for example the gold lawns in the stadiums, more expensive than tickets in other categories. gories, but also VIP tickets of all kinds. The cost of a concert (technique, lights, musicians, etc.) has also increased. in recent years, pushing turners to move forward. increase the price of tickets. An observation that is obviously multiplied by by the rise in the cost of energy. 

This increase in the price of concert tickets is also valid for festival prices, in France or elsewhere. internationally, which have also been on fire lately.

Teilor Stone

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