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Having faster wifi is super easy with this tip

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We've all had the experience one day: a WiFi connection that we don't really know why is particularly slow at one time of the day, for no apparent reason. First of all, you will need to check this very specific point regarding your Wifi. If you are free from this type of problem, a tip to try to resolve wifi problems exists, and it is particularly simple to set up, so why deprive yourself?

A router? What is it?

Have wifi plus fast is extremely simple with this tip


You may not know it if you're not very into technology, but the box from your ISP internet is a router allowing you to create a WiFi network, to which the whole family will then connect to indulge in the joys of the connected world that is the web. So it is important to take either of this one. Routers are devices that are a little more complex than they seem.

What maintenance should be carried out on a box to have better wifi?

Your PC or smartphone is starting to show signs of weaknesses, slowness and other unexpected bugs? A good solution is often tosimply restart your deviceso that it wakes up fresh as a roach, back to perfectly normal functioning. Well, know that it's not more complicated than that, but it's also a good idea torestart your box or your router from time to time in order to improve your speed if your Wifi is acting up. It's not more complicated than that.

How often should you restart your box/router?

If we restart our computers frequently, this is not really the case for our box. Logically, this restarts with each major update from the internet service provider, unless you have another router. Therefore, it is recommended to restart your box at least once a month.

Nothing could be simpler, most boxes offer a restart option in its menu, otherwise, just unplug it to plug it back in. Also, some access providers allow their mobile application or customer area to restart the box remotely. You will have understood, if you think that your Wifi has a problem, restarting your box will often solve it. While waiting for the Wifi 7 standard which should arrive soon and allow you to reach speeds never before achieved wirelessly, it's up to you to test this tip and avoid calling after-sales service for every little problem.

  • Is yourWiFiproblematic and experiencing slowness issues? Here is a tip that could solve the problem.
  • Often, it is enough to simply restart your box/router to resolve WiFi problems.
  • According to the American internet service provider Lumen, you should restart your router at least once a month.

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