“He ate a machete”: a graduation party turns into a nightmare


“”He ate a machete ”: a graduation party turns into a nightmare

A minor was charged with aggravated assault on Monday.

Dusty Bossé suffered a head injury.

“I turned around and bam, that's when he slashed me,” says Dusty Bossé, his forehead covered in a huge bandage. This man is one of the alleged victims of a stabbing attack that occurred at a student party in Edmundston, New Brunswick, on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

< p class="e-p">I promised the little one that he was going to remember his graduation party, but I didn't think it was going to end the same, laments Dusty Bossé, who had organized a big party to mark the end of his beau's school career. – son.

The evening had started well. Young people were dancing, eating hot dogs and getting ready to watch fireworks.

Then they arrived, armed, and it turned into a nightmare, says 17-year-old Tristan Boulay. According to him, five people got out of a car.

Tristan Boulay is in shock following the events at a party organized for mark the end of his school career.

That's where Dusty ate a machete.

We were expecting a nice evening, but it turned into a nightmare around 1 a.m. They arrived like a hair in the soup. Lucky my stepfather was there, otherwise they would have gone after the youngsters, the teenager believes.

Another person was injured in the incident, according to Edmundston police.

On Monday, a minor was charged with aggravated assault during a court appearance in Edmundston. She will remain in custody until her next court appearance on Wednesday.

The investigation is continuing and further charges may be filed, police said in court. from a press briefing on Monday afternoon.

The incident occurred during a party at the Knights of Columbus hall in the Saint-Jacques sector, in Edmundston, New Brunswick.

On Sunday, Edmundston police reported having arrested five people in connection with this case, including four minors.

Four of these people were released and are not facing charges at this time.

Two days after the incident, Tristan Boulay says he is still very shaken by the events of the weekend.

I feele not well. It's nothing to see. I'm going to remember it for the rest of my life and I'm going to have scars, I know it, he said.

It tires me for the children who have seen this. Her little sisters were there, they didn't need to see that. Me, it's just a scar then it will heal, adds Dusty Bossé.

Many young people were gathered here to party, Saturday night, in Edmundston .

The teenager is relieved that his stepfather was there to protect him and his friends, and that no one was seriously injured.

< p class="e-p">I want justice done. I want time, says Tristan Boulay.

So far none of these allegations have been proven in court.

With information from Mathilde Pineault


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