“He stood at the origins of AI work”: Lukashenka visited a high-tech exhibition in Minsk (video)

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According to the Belarusian politician, the West is beginning to understand that “there is nothing to do with foolishness” — it is necessary to cooperate with the Belarusians. He also mentioned that he had been in talks with Chinese officials about setting up a smart city project.

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At a technological exhibition called “Intellectual Belarus” that opened in Minsk on January 20, politician Alexander Lukashenko said that his country has a lot of developments in the field of high technologies. This was reported by Belteleradiocompany.

According to Lukashenka, he was invited to the UAE, where developments in the field of AI are being carried out.

“Oddly enough, I stood at the origins of the work of the Emiratis on artificial intelligence. Chinese scientists there, they collected everyone, gave money, they worked seriously. And they asked me to help them work in Belarus. I say:” Yes, Lord come with you!”, the politician noted, adding that representatives of the Chinese side promised to develop a “smart city” project, it was about investments in the amount of $5 billion.

The exhibition “Intellectual Belarus” presents developments of scientists from the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, as well as enterprises and industrial parks of the country. It is reported that many know-hows have already been put into production and are being successfully implemented on the market.

“People need to be shown this exhibition. We show a tractor, a car all the time, shoot, blow up something, but in fact we have enough everything not only for defense/security, but also for peaceful life,” Lukashenka explained, YouTube reports. -channel “International radio “Belarus””.

The head of state notes the importance of developing the field of AI and microelectronics.

So, for January, a new line of locally produced laptops was announced, however, so far the level localization in them is about 30%, but the country's leadership expects to reach 70% by the end of the year.

“I just read the most severe criticism (mostly of our fugitives, and maybe ours …) about our computer, but the computer for which you criticized me that I have this “apple” on my desk, they replaced Apple. Today they brought your computer and put it on the president's desk. Well, it's checked <…> cooperate with Belarusians,” Lukashenka told a representative of the Belarusian company, Belta reports. .