“He was in a trap of lies”: Javier Bardem stood up for johnny Depp

"Он оказался в ловушке лжи": Хавьер Бардем заступился за Джонни Деппа

Javier Bardem. Photo: Getty Images

Actor Javier Bardem has stood up for his colleague johnny Depp in the case of allegations of violence against amber heard.

They maintain very friendly relations, so it is not surprising that Javier defended johnny.

I love johnny. He was always a true gentleman and an extremely generous and caring friend to my family and me. And I don’t just love him, but deeply respected. I thank him for what he remains free and carefree boy in his role and is Mature and loving person in my life who is always ready to be there when we need it,” — said Javier journalists.

The actor also said that he is ready to testify in defense of Depp as a witness in the case against Hurd, the charges in which domestic violence believes the lies and manipulation.

I love johnny because he is a wonderful man, who was trapped in the lies and manipulations of toxic personalities, but continues to smile and love us all, no matter what. How? Through his music, acting through its silence. It means a lot,” added Bardem.

Previously, the wife of Javier Penelope Cruz also supported johnny Depp in the case against Hurd. She was karakteriziraju him as the noblest person. Also johnny has already managed to garner support for his ex-girlfriend Winona Ryder, ex-wife, with whom he lived for 14 years, Vanessa Paradis, and the former assistant amber Kate James, who worked with her for three years.

In addition, LeMonade wrote that amber heard again filed for johnny Depp to court.

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