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'He was threatening to kill my dog': Streamer Maghla opens up about terrible harassment she suffered

””He threatened to kill my dog”: streamer Maghla opens up on terrible harassment she suffered

After months of pressure and violence, Maghla reflects on the cyberbullying she suffered. The testimony of the streamer is touching.

Maghla, a Twitch streamer and Youtuber, recently shared her feelings about the online harassment she suffered for several months. Invited on the YouTube channel Popcorn, she mentions the conviction of her attacker. For several months, the young woman had been receiving violent messages via social networks. The man behind these threats was harassing her with multiple accounts to make sure she couldn't block him. She then received hundreds of messages a day, where the attacker threatened her with death, rape, or even to kill her dog. Maghla explains:“He was banging on the walls and writing my name in blood […] he was sure he was in a relationship with me”. When she first wanted to file a complaint, the police refused her complaint. According to them, no physical or moral harm could be proven.

Following her first complaint which was not taken seriously, the streamer finally allows the conviction of her stalker. He was followed by a magistrate because of his psychological background. She was the one who encouraged Maghla to file a complaint, when she stumbled upon one of her Twitch streams. Thanks to this stroke of luck, the two women were able to collaborate. The streamer's second complaint was taken seriously this time. She claims to have brought hundreds of screenshots of hate messages as evidence of the violence she experienced. That says a lot about the pressure she had to endure.

After months of violence, Maghla finally gets justice

A month after her complaint, Maghla learns that her attacker has finally been arrested. He was sentenced to one year and six months in prison. However, she approaches the subject with a wistful tone: “I was lucky, and that makes me sad”. The young woman knows that she is not the only victim of harassment. Her last words are addressed to the viewers, whom she encourages to speak out to denounce the violence committed on the internet. His message is strong: “Thank you for inviting me to talk about it […] we need to support each other”. And it’s with gratitude and emotion that she thanks the people who have supported her in her courageous approach. We also send our support to Maghla, and hope that her prevention can help other victims of cyberbullying get justice.

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