Heals not only a “broken heart”, but also real diseases: what scientists have found out about the “hormone of love”

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  • Heals not only a broken heart, but also real diseases: what scientists have found out about the


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Heals not only

Research shows that oxytocin can help regenerate heart tissue and could be used to treat heart attacks.

“heart. Scientists conducted research using zebrafish and human cells. The results showed that the hormone produced by the brain can help regenerate heart tissue after injury and could theoretically be used in the future to treat heart attacks, writes Live Science.

Scientists already know that oxytocin, which plays an important role in social bonding between people, may have other functions as well. The level of this hormone rises when people hug and have sex. But it also helps protect the cardiovascular system from injury and lowers blood pressure.

Heals not only

Heals not only

But a new study shows that in zebrafish, this hormone helps repair damage to heart muscle tissue, which is responsible for heart contractions. Experiments with human cells also indicate that a similar effect of exposure to oxytocin can be in humans if this hormone is administered at the right time and in the right dose.

According to scientists, our heart has a very limited ability to repair damaged tissues, especially the consequences of heart attacks. However, another study has shown that heart cells can regenerate after injury, although this process is not as efficient as we would like. That is, there is no significant regeneration of cardiac muscle tissue after a heart attack in adults.

Heals not only a broken heart, but also real illnesses: what scientists have found out about

Heals not only a

But scientists from Michigan State University, who conducted the new study, suggest that stimulating the repair of heart cells can be done using the hormone oxytocin. So far, such a process has been launched only in laboratory glassware with human cells. At the same time, experiments on zebrafish, which are known for their amazing ability to regenerate tissues, showed the effectiveness of this treatment method for a living organism.

Within three days after a heart injury, the brain of the fish began to produce oxytocin like crazy , and created 20 times more hormone than before the injury. Then the hormone entered the heart and started the process of repairing damaged tissues.

“We believe that oxytocin can play an important role in the treatment of human heart attacks in the future. New treatments can be developed that will help people recover faster after seizures. But clinical trials are needed in other animals and eventually in humans,” says Aitor Aguirre of the University of Michigan, USA.

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