Health Canada Imports Painkillers for Children to Address Shortage

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Health Canada imports painkillers for children to alleviate the shortage

Some drugs, including Tylenol and Advil and their equivalents, are in short supply on pharmacy shelves.

Health Canada announced on Monday the importation of acetaminophen and ibuprofen for infants and children, painkillers that should hit store shelves in the coming weeks.

The federal department had previously announced that it was importing these painkillers for children but that these products were intended for hospitals.

Health Canada now clarifies that it has also obtained the guaranteed supply from overseas, which will be distributed to retail and community pharmacies over the next few weeks.

The federal government has not specified the quantity or origin of this supply. However, he assures that all such imports will meet Canadian manufacturing standards and will be labeled in English and French.

The ministry also asks consumers to buy only what they need so that other parents and healthcare professionals have access to these pain relievers.

This decision by Health Canada follows a shortage of these pain and fever medications in children at a time when respiratory syncytial viruses are raging among toddlers. This shortage, which has lasted for a few months, has forced many parents and health professionals to snap up the last bottles and even to exchange information on the businesses that still had them.

Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos explained at a press conference in parliament on Monday that demand had been exceptionally high during the summer and autumn and [ may it] continue to grow, as respiratory viruses have a major impact on our children, especially younger children.

Mr. Duclos said that over the past few weeks, the country's domestic production of these painkillers has increased significantly and that the massive importation announced on Monday – the equivalent of several months of usual demand – has already begun. to be delivered. This distribution will continue over the next few weeks and months, the minister said.

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