Health Transfers: Prime Ministers Ask to Meet Justin Trudeau


Health Transfers: Prime Ministers Ask to Meet Justin Trudeau

Provincial and territorial premiers are meeting in Victoria on July 11 and 12 for the Council of the Federation.

The premiers of Canada's ten provinces and three territories, meeting for a second day in Victoria for the Council of the Federation, are once again calling for a meeting with Justin Trudeau to discuss health transfers.

On Monday, they called on the federal government to increase its share of health care funding from 22% to 35%, which would be an increase of $28 billion a year.

This request is not accepted by Ottawa, which has instead paid ad hoc sums to date to fight against COVID-19.

In a joint statement released on Tuesday, the 13 prime ministers call on Justin Trudeau to agree to meet with them in order to resolve this impasse.

Single, targeted, short-term funding cannot restore the foundations of our health systems, they say. However, increased, predictable and long-term federal funding can make a direct and concrete difference in the lives of Canadians.

We repeated our request for a meeting with Justin Trudeau, we repeated that currently it is not possible to have only 22% of expenditures that are funded by the federal government, said Quebec Premier François Legault during a press briefing on Tuesday morning. Provinces cannot continue to pay 78% of health care spending.

British Columbia Premier John Horgan, who chairs and hosts the Council of the Federation, says it's been eight months since the federal government promised to develop a health system restoration strategy with the provinces. p>

The Prime Minister [Trudeau] is committed to sitting down with us, he said on Tuesday. We have not been able to do this.

According to the first ministers, the pandemic has exacerbated problems already present in the health system, and the situation is likely to worsen. worsen due to staff shortages and an aging population.

The issue of economic recovery is among the other topics to be discussed during this last day of meetings of the Council of the Federation, which is being held in person for the first time since start of the pandemic. The event is due to wrap up late Tuesday.

With information from La Presse canadienne


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