Heat wave: an infant locked in his mother's car


Heatwave: an infant locked in his mother's car

Thursday June 16, 2022, in the Ardennes, a mother locks her child in the car. While the heat wave is raging in France, the four-month-old baby finds himself in direct sunlight for several minutes.

Peak of heat and heat wave announced. Twelve departments are placed in red vigilance and twenty-five departments in vigilanceheat wave orange. While the children could stay at home today and not go to school, a baby finds himself locked in a car for several minutes. It was in the parking lot of the Carrefour Etoile supermarket in Rethel that the firefighters had to intervene yesterday afternoon. “A four-month-old baby was locked in a vehicle in the parking lot after his mother inadvertently locked the keys in it,” the Ardennes departmental fire and rescue service said. “The car was locked, with the keys inside“.

It was inadvertently that the mother would have locked her baby in the car. Witnesses would then have broken the window in order to get the child out of the cabin. The firefighters and the SMUR doctor arrived quickly on the scene and made sure that the child was well. Catastrophe averted as temperatures hit 30 degrees yesterday. Temperature rising rapidly in a car. The authorities recall that: “Temperatures inside a vehicle can rise excessively quickly. While an outside temperature may be considered temperate, around 15 to 20°C, it can rise to 45°C in less than half an hour in a car. »< /p>

Ten minutes is enough

In ten minutes a baby can die if locked in a car with an outside temperature of 26 degrees. The Ministry of the Interior specifies that: “If you see a child alone inside a vehicle, call the emergency services immediately”. You must therefore dial 18 for the fire brigade or 15 for the Samu or by SMS to 114. The child must also be taken out as quickly as possible. Article 122-7 of the Penal Code specifies that you can break a window if necessary. “A person is not criminally liable who, in the face of a present or imminent danger which threatens himself, others or property, performs an act necessary to safeguard the person or property.