Hein Simons: drug shock!  – Schlager.de

Hein Simons: drug shock! – Schlager.de

Hein Simons: drug shock!  – Schlager.de

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Watching your own child lose the ground under their feet – bitter reality for hit star Hein Simons (65)! The Dutch musician has now made a harrowing drug confession!

In an interview, the likeable singer revealed that his eldest son Pasqual (38) was addicted to drugs a few years ago. “It didn’t stop with hash cigarettes. You look stupid as a father”he says openly. The powerlessness drove Hein Simons to despair: “I would have loved to have my own child locked up so that Pasqual would not take this dirt anymore”he revealed. “But if you do something like that, the police will come straight away. As a parent, you have very, very little help in such a situation.” Bitter and honest words from the former child star Heintje! Only addiction therapy could help his poor boy.

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In any case, the musician who lives in Belgium today has anything but easy in recent years. Not only the divorce in 2014 from his wife Doris Uhl (57) burdened him, his health also left a lot to be desired. A few months ago, Simons had to undergo a second, dramatic heart operation. But that’s not all! Hein recently announced sadly that he had to say goodbye to his beloved mother Johanna († 86) forever. Due to the Corona crisis, he couldn’t even say goodbye to her properly – he was only allowed to see her with a protective suit and mask. A sad moment that bothered him a lot!

Today his beloved son has overcome the addiction problem, but Hein’s concern for him will probably never end. It is to be hoped for the singer that he can finally relax. “I would have loved to lock my own child in!”

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Hein Simons: drug shock!  – Schlager.de

Hein Simons: Drogen-Schock!

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