Hellraiser: suddenly, the horror series HBO becomes super exciting

Hellraiser: suddenly, the horror series HBO becomes super exciting


That HBO is embarking on a new adaptation of Hellraiser was something to be happy about, but with the announcement of Clive Barker's investment, we are jumping straight to the ceiling.

When he published the short novel The Hellbound Heart in 1986, the young novelist Clive Barker was far from suspecting that he had just brought to life one of the most grandiose horror myths of the end of the 20th century. And it is he himself who will adapt it to the cinema the following year, making a violent, troubled film that has instantly become cult. Unfortunately, Hollywood will choose to do without its services when it comes to producing sequels, which will inexorably move away from the roots of the mythology invented by Clive Barker.

The public will nevertheless continue to be passionate about this universe of flesh and tears, and the franchise will be declined on countless supports, in particular the comics, deploying a perverse phantasmagoria , sometimes very far from the founding principles of the writer, but far from uninteresting. It is in 2015 that Barker will take control of this universe again by publishing The Scarlet Gospels , continuation and end of the misadventures of Pinhead, the priest of Hell, which contains some of his most beautiful flashes.

No one is happy to solve this Rubik's Cube …

So we learned in April that HBO had plans to relaunch the machine by producing a Hellraiser series, which was very good news in itself, given the seriousness with which the channel treats its adaptations and the means it provides them with. And sometimes, good news does not come alone, we owe Deadline to learn that Clive Barker himself has boarded the company as executive producer.

The artist said he was “overwhelmed that Hellraiser mythology is given new life. The time has come for his stories to reconnect with their roots. I look forward to bringing to a new generation the oldest and most powerful ingredients of horror: absolute evil pervading our mortal existences and the need to find within us the strength to fight it. ”

Pinhead, priest of the underworld, to your abuse

For the record, Hellraiser narrates the destinies – tragic, brutal, cruel – of humans coming into possession with a mysterious puzzle, called Lemarchand's Box or Configuration of Lamentations. The object makes it possible to summon the Cenobites, dignitaries of the underworld living to mix suffering and pleasure, condemning those who call them to an eternity of moral and physical torture.

A hearty program therefore, which has already gathered a great team around him , since the first episodes should be directed by David Gordon Green ( Halloween 2018). This is one of the authors of Battlestar Galactica , Mark Verheiden, who will act as showrunner. He will co-write the ensemble alongside Michael Dougherty ( Trick 'r Treat ).

It's still unclear when this new Hellraiser will flood our screens with blood and other painfully extracted bodily fluids.

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