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Here are the unstoppable techniques if your computer makes too much noise with its fans

Computers can quickly make a lot of noise à due to their ventilation. We'll explain how to fix it easily.

You have a computer that makes too much noise? It is particularly annoying to have a computer machine that makes a lot of hissing or whistling sounds. breath (or worse) when you are in a calm and silent environment. We all know it: this hubbub generally comes from the fans of your device which suddenly start to work. turn &agrav; full throttle.

To function normally, a computer needs ventilation. Daily use and switching on of a computer puts a lot of strain on computer components, causing them to heat up. This is why it is essential that a computer has a ventilation system to cool all the components and allow them to function normally and for a long time .

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to observe some computers with fans running at high speed. at full speed to the point of making a lot of noise. This is particularly common for certain inexpensive computers on which manufacturers have made savings by placing very noisy fans. It is also possible that the fans are old and worn to the point of being filled with dust and other undesirable substances which then causes them to spin &agrav; full throttle.

Here are the unstoppable techniques if your computer makes too much noise with its fans

If you are tired of this noise pollution, there are several unstoppable techniques à try to lower the noise of your fans:

  • Purchasing a computer cooler
  • Cleaning the inside of your computer (and particularly the fan plates)
  • The change of different components if the latter are not weldedé your computer

In addition to these concerns and hardware settings, it is also advisable to do a little cleaning up in your computer's software. To do this, make sure you do not keep open unnecessary and particularly resource-intensive applications that would put heavy strain on the components of your machine. Also clean your PC's junk files and trash regularly.

If you have an overflow of files, it may also be a good idea to move them to a server online or an external hard drive to lighten your computer a little. It is also possible to add storage via an SD card if necessary.

If none of these techniques work, you can finally bring your computer à a repair center. The experts will take a look and perhaps discover issues that you haven't been able to address. unearth. As a last resort, you may be advised to to change your computer to a more recent machine.

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