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Here is the list of all the devices that should definitely not be plugged into a power strip

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The use of power strips has become commonplace to recharge low-consumption devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. However, these multiple sockets are not suitable for higher consumption appliances such as dishwashers, radiators, refrigerators, microwaves or ovens. You must be very careful about the devices you plug in so as not to run any risk.

A risk of fire

In fact, power strips can overheat and increase the risk of fire when used inappropriately. It is advisable to plug all high consumption devices directly into wall sockets. It also goes without saying that damaged (or poor quality) power strips should be avoided so as not to risk a short circuit or poor contact. It is recommended to use these NF certified power strips.

Large and small household appliances

Certainly, multiple sockets allow you to increase the number of sockets available at home (practical if you don't have many wall sockets) but they present dangers, like the ;explain our colleagues from the Ca M’intereste site.

They advise against plugging certain equipment into power strips such as large household appliances (refrigerator, dryer, dishwasher, oven), small household appliances (microwave, coffee maker, blender, toaster,…), hair care appliances (straighteners, curling iron, hair dryer) as well as other power strips and extension cords. Indeed, connecting one power strip to another can overload the circuit and cause an electrical fire.

Also, plugging a television into a power strip with a box or DVD player is not recommended because the TV is sensitive to power surges.

Overload and overvoltage

Plugging a refrigerator into a power strip can cause an electrical overload in the same way as a dishwasher (or any other large household appliance) especially if the power strip is used to power several devices. The same goes for internet boxes which are very sensitive to surges and current fluctuations.

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