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You can't stand unwanted calls anymore? Please note that recently, they have been obliged to use certain numbers that we can list.

Who has never received a call on their cell phone, picked up the phone, and realized what they are doing? whether it was a scam or improper marketing? Whether to sell you bogus insurance or a useless photovoltaic panel service, companies are full of ideas to harass you by telephone. For some, it is even their main job, since the work of their employees (or their robots) consists of make calls every day and try to sell different services or services.

Fortunately, the French Government did not take long to tackle the problem. this problem and propose different solutions. First of all, it is important to remember that services like Bloctel exist and that they allow you to ;indicate to cold calling companies that you are not interested in through their offers and services.

Here is the list of numbers to block to put an end to cold calling

Other applications created by individuals are also available on the Google Play Store if you have an Android smartphone. Side iPhone, you will need to turn to the App Store and search for applications specializing in blocking telephone canvassing.< /p>

But there is a much easier technique if you want to clean up the potential unwanted callers who are trying to contact you to canvass you. Indeed, since January 1, 2023, telephone canvassing platforms have had the obligation to confine themselves to their activities. certain specific numbers in order to be easier to use. identify.

All you need to do is remember these numbers and refuse any calls from them. Better yet: you can already do it yourself. Start by blocking these numbers to make sure you don't receive calls from them. Numbers reserved for telephone canvassing must start with 09 48 or  09 49, 01 62 , or 01 63, 02 70, 02 71, or 03 77, or 03 78, 04 24, or 04 25, 05 68, or 05 69.

Also note that certain operators and telephone manufacturers can automatically detect these numbers and therefore display a "number& ;eac;potentially unwanted ero" when they try to contact you by telephone.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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