Here it all begins: Celia's sabotage, the theft discovered… Summary of episode 108 of Thursday, June 23


Here it all begins: Celia's sabotage, the theft discovered… episode 108 of Thursday June 23

While episode 107 of Here it all begins has just been broadcast on TF1, it's time to find out the summary of the one scheduled for Thursday, June 23.

Fans of Here it all begins have just discovered the new episode broadcast on TF1. As expected, tensions were electric at the Auguste Armand Institute. Charlène and Célia had to work in pairs and nothing went as planned. If Teyssier's daughter sent a plate full of dessert to her rival's head, the latter has not said her last word. And for good reason ! She has a rather Machiavellian plan… Célia intends to ensure that Charlène fails her exams. But this will inevitably have repercussions on her own diploma… After the broadcast of this new episode, what does tomorrow's one have in store for us? We warn you, the rest of the article contains spoilers.

Jasmine and Deva risk finding themselves in turmoil in the episode of Here it all begins this Thursday, June 23. Théo will realize that the bottargues have been stolen. Souleymane will then warn Ambre and he will insist that she bring them back to the institute. If Tom is reluctant, the young woman will know how to convince him, in order to avoid any trouble for her friends. Of course, the episode will also highlight the electric duo formed by Célia and Charlène. And as expected, the young woman will sabotage the dessert.

War is declared between Celia and Charlene

If Celia agrees to go on Charlene's revisited cabbage for the ordeal, she will make sure to harm her. Once his back is turned, Theo’s ex will add more of the barley syrup. And when Charlène realizes it, it will unfortunately be too late. The two girls will have to present their dessert for it to be judged. Obviously, the score will not fly high since they will receive a 5/20. Mad with rage, Charlène will accuse Célia, who will play the innocent… And even Teyssier will not defend his daughter. Suffice to say that the episode of Here it all begins this Thursday, June 23 should be thrilling.