Here it all begins: Tom terrified by Teyssier, Charlène ready for anything… What will happen next?

Here it all begins: Tom terrified by Teyssier, Charlène ready for anything… will happen in the sequel? /></p></p><p><strong>Next week in Here It All Begins, Tom will be terrified by Teyssier's threats while Charlene will do anything to get what she wants. </strong></p><p>Students will be in panic next week in Here it all begins! It must be said that<strong>Teyssier</strong> did them no favors following their delay in the Clothilde test. <strong>Tom, Ambre, Deva and Jasmine</strong> will therefore be ready to do anything to recover<strong> their place at the institute</strong> even if it means fomenting <strong>dangerous plans</strong>. Indeed, the young man will always be determined to mount <strong>a damning video</strong> for the director. Unfortunately for him,<strong>Charlène</strong> understood his intentions a long time ago and she will do everything to make it serve his <strong>interests</strong>. But then, what could the <strong> want?a sister of Theo?</strong> Pass her exams of course!</p><p> <iframe loading=

Remember, a few weeks ago, Charlene underwent a terrible sanction after participating in Celia's harassment: that of not having the right to take her exams. And if she had done everything to convinceteachers as well as her father to give her another chance, they had all refused reminding her that she had already escaped a punishment when she had created an escort profile for Hortense. But with this information in hand, the pretty blonde has enough to convince her father to change his mind. Will she make it?It could well be! One thing is certain, when Tom learns that Teyssier is on his trail, he will delete his video immediately so as not to take any risks.

Salomé and Axel get closer

Meanwhile, Clothilde will be very harsh towards Anaïs and Salomé. Indeed, she will not stop criticizing their future projects which will completely discourage the two young women. They will even talk to Rose to complain about it. It remains to be seen whether Cheffe Armand will realize her mistakes. Finally, Salomé and Axel will get closer and closer with the return of the young man's father. Uncomfortable in the face of criticism from Philippe, he will confide in the pretty blonde.A situation that will not escape Jasmine. Is it time for him to finally leave the pretty brunette? Answer in the next episodes!

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