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Here's How Apple Could Generate Big Revenue Using AI

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In June, Apple officially entered the race for artificial intelligence. During its WWDC conference, the Cupertino company unveiled Apple Intelligence, a series of features based on generative AI that are directly integrated into compatible iPhones, iPads and Macs. In addition to this, Apple Intelligence also allows you to benefit from ChatGPT integration with the operating system. Apple Intelligence will be available in beta starting this fall, for English-speaking users. Normally these features will be free. But apparently, Apple is already planning to create a paid version of Apple Intelligence, according to a recent publication by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

In his latest newsletter, he explains that Apple's long-term objective would be to make money thanks to its AI features. And for this, the firm could launch an offer which could be called “Apple Intelligence+” which, in return for a subscription, would allow you to benefit from even more features based on generative artificial intelligence. Apple could therefore develop a model similar to that of iCloud, and other apps which are free, but which also offer additional benefits through a subscription. Note also that today, many chatbots have free versions and paid versions. For example, ChatGPT is free, but you have to pay a monthly subscription to take advantage of all its features. And Google reserves the most advanced version of its Gemini chatbot for “Google One AI Premium” subscribers.

iPhone sales and App Store commissions< /h2>

But even without the Apple Intelligence+ subscription mentioned by Mark Gurman, the firm should already benefit greatly from the introduction of AI on its products. Indeed, as Apple Intelligence is only available on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, we expect a sharp increase in iPhone sales, as many users will want to own a device compatible with AI. 'Apple. Additionally, Apple stands to make a lot of money from its partnership with ChatGPT.

Indeed, if a user takes out a ChatGPT Plus subscription, they will be able to benefit from the advantages of this subscription on the integration of ChatGPT on iOS. However, when a person subscribes to this ChatGPT subscription on the iPhone via the App Store payment system, Apple charges a commission. And Apple does not intend to limit itself to this partnership with ChatGPT. Indeed, it is already planning to integrate Google's Gemini model on the iPhone. And in his newsletter, Mark Gurman indicates that Apple could also announce a partnership with Anthropic, one of the most promising AI laboratories in the world.

Apple Intelligence on Vision Pro

Otherwise, it should be remembered that for the moment, the Vision Pro mixed reality headset does not yet benefit from Apple's new AI features. During the WWDC conference, Apple did present a new version of its visionOS operating system, but this new operating system does not yet include Apple Intelligence. However, we also learn from Mark Gurman's newsletter that Apple is already working on an integration of its new AI features on the mixed reality platform. But this integration is not expected to be announced this year.

At the same time, rumors suggest that Apple is still working on an affordable version of this headset. Moreover, the firm's engineers have reportedly stopped working on the Vision Pro 2, in order to focus on the affordable version. If Apple manages to lower its costs, it could encourage more consumers to buy headphones.

  • When the WWDC conference, Apple presented Apple Intelligence, which will be available from this fall for English-speaking users
  • Apple's new AI features, and the integration of ChatGPT to iOS, are free
  • However, Apple is already considering creating an “Apple Intelligence+” subscription which would allow you to benefit from more AI features on the iPhone
  • Apple should also boost its iPhone sales, because Apple Intelligence is only available on the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • On the other hand , the App Store charges commissions when ChatGPT sells ChatGPT+ subscriptions

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