Here's how to find out for 100% whether someone has fooled you or not


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Corruption is even worse.

Here's how to find out for 100% whether someone has fooled you or no

Most likely, you have heard about an evil eye that can cause various troubles to a person who has become its victim, reports Ukr.Media.

If you believe in lessons, this article will tell you how to detect and neutralize them.

How to detect evil spirits.

The easiest way to detect an evil eye requires only eggs and a glass of water.

You will need:

  • 1 egg (preferably white);
  • a transparent glass (no picture);
  • water.

What needs to be done.

The ritual should be performed on Tuesday or Friday.

To begin with, you need to roll out the whole body with an egg, from head to toe, imagining how the negative energy of the body is drawn into the egg. After that, break the egg and pour it into a half-full glass of water. Wait a couple of minutes.


1. If one thin thread appeared, then this is an evil eye, and if there are many of them and small air bubbles are present at the end of some of them, then damage has been inflicted on the person.

2. There are cases that protein threads that have just appeared immediately begin to sink to the bottom of the glass. This means that the person who caused the damage wants to remain unnoticed.

3. If the water remains clear, the yolk has not changed and lies in the protein, and the protein flows smoothly around it, then there is no evil eye or damage at all.

4. If the yolk remains intact, but columns rise up from the white, then damage is brought to the person.

5. If the columns (in witchcraft they are called candles) look like thin cobwebs, then the damage is easy.

6. If bubbles are visible on the candles (columns), then the damage is quite strong and was not done by amateurs, but by professional magicians. This damage is done so that a person is constantly haunted by failures and diseases that are not well treated.

7. If there are black dots and bubbles on the columns, or black dots on the yolk and bubbles on the whites, then the damage is done to the death of the victim.

8. If there are bubbles on the white candles, and the yolk seems cooked at the edges, then the magical influence is aimed at making the victim live, but suffer constantly. This damage is sometimes shown as gray, brown or green spots on the yolk.

9. If there are no white candles, and the yolk seems completely cooked, then this is a special spoilage-restriction. In this case, the magical influence is directed so that the victim never feels free anywhere, even in his own home.

In case of detection of damage, especially strong, you should immediately contact a magician for help.


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