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Here's where to go this summer without breaking the bank, these are the good last minute deals

It is still possible to find good deals to go abroad. low price this summer à condition of aiming for these "good deals&quot destinations; recommended by experts.

Summer vacation approach à big steps but this year, inflation is being felt on the travel budget of the French. However, by being a little flexible and following the wise advice of tourism professionals, it is still possible to treat yourself to great escapes & agrave; affordable rates, even at low cost a few days of the big departures.

If travel agencies and holiday experts à low prices target a few destinations, they first start by excluding a certain number of them. This summer, we forget Paris with the Olympics and its flood of American tourists everywhere. bigger budget. For the same reason, there is no question of discovering the United States and in particular New York. "Big Apple" has become inaccessible for a European tourist, & due to rising prices for transatlantic flights but also for accommodation and food. Canada and South America are also within reach. avoid if you want to contain your budget.

Conversely, certain destinations are emerging as the stars of the summer. Turkey has been booming since the start of the year, a trend that is already growing. observed in the spring by FTI Voyages for TourMag. Reservations have been confirmed. rising sharply, with excellent value for money. Turkey is also benefiting from the fall of the Turkish lira, making vacations even more affordable.

Here's where to go this summer without breaking the bank, these are the good last minute deals

Other good tips from the Mediterranean basin: Croatia and Albania, which is establishing itself as a less expensive alternative to the Baltic Sea ;ares or à Greece. "For people looking for good value for money, I would cite certain regions of Spain, such as the Costa Daurada, or Italy on the banks of the Adriatic Sea, where “We still find attractive prices,” recommends David Banzi of the Banzi Voyages agency. Geneva, questioned by the Swiss media Blick.

If you can go a little further, head for Vietnam and especially Zanzibar, THE trendy destination of 2024. The cost of the plane will be compensated for. on site with an almost unbeatable quality-price ratio. Zanzibar attracts many travelers with its dream beaches, its ideal climate and its very competitive rates, with hotels & Accommodations & from 6.50 euros per person per night! Egypt and Tunisia are also affordable. to scrutinize when looking for good deals, especially in the case of an all-inclusive trip. Ultimate good plan, if we accept the idea of ​​a slightly less favorable weather than in winter, the Republic Dominican still offers great prospects if you leave at the end of July.

The departure period is also the last variable but the most important. Experts are unanimous on this point. If possible, leave after the flood at the beginning of August. Leaving the 3rd or 4th week of August already allows you to travel more easily. get nice discounts on accommodation, as well as on certain flights.

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