Hermès filmed an unusual promo for the Apple Watch


    Hermès filmed something unusual promo for Apple Watch

    Orange boxes for Apple Watch straps Hermès hung on orange trees.

    French fashion house Hermès is working closely with Apple and plans to launch this year collection of straps for Apple Watch Hermès. The new product will differ from other collaborations in that the device can only be worn with the original strap. To draw attention to the product, the French fashion house launched a flashy promo on the sunny Venetian island of Mazzorbo.

    Orange Apple Watch Hermès boxes were hung from orange trees and strewn across a field along the road. And the guests of the press tour, taking baskets and carts, were harvesting. This is written in the WorldIsBrand Telegram channel.

    As you know, the fashion house has several types of straps for smart watches. The first is very similar to the classic version for the Apple Watch. It will be the recognizable Hermès orange color and will fit smart watch models in a silver case. La manzana mordida writes about this.

    The French fashion house has created two other strap options for smartwatches in space black color.

    The first is the Simple Tour Jumping nylon strap. Available in a variety of colors with a unique Hermès design.

    The second is the Simple Tour Attelage leather strap with an elegant hook, reminiscent of the French brand's equestrian heritage.

    Focus previously wrote that the fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier created lime green and pink tin can earrings with the brand's logo, inspired by one of the iconic works of couturier Jean Paul Gaultier – perfume packaging in the form of a tin can. The cost of the accessory is 320 euros.


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