High number of drivers with expired licenses in Ontario, police say

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High number of drivers with expired licenses in Ontario, according to police

Ottawa police conducted a driver's license check operation last Wednesday.

Have you checked recently if your driver's license and registration sticker are still valid? Police are reporting a significant increase in the number of offenders since the Ford government stopped mailing renewal notices last March.

Ottawa Police conducted a check operation last Wednesday. In less than three hours, officers issued 54 tickets, including 38 for expired stickers and 2 for expired permits.

During a similar campaign last month, 4 motorists got caught for an expired license and 52 for expired stickers.

Ottawa Police Constable Rob Cairns says he is seeing a marked uptick in the number of offenders. Several respond that they did not realize their license or sticker had expired, which is not a valid excuse in his eyes.

“It's not [the Department of Transportation's] responsibility to remind you [to renew your license and sticker].

—Rob Cairns, Ottawa Police Constable

The Ford government justified its decision to stop sending out paper renewal notices, saying it would save millions of dollars. Ontarians must now register with ServiceOntario to receive an email reminder unless they are 70 or older.

The province has also eliminated sticker fee, but you still have to renew it periodically.

The fine for an expired sticker is $110, while the fine is $325 for a expired driver's license.

Not to mention the cost of your insurance, which can skyrocket if you get caught, notes the Insurance Bureau of Canada.< /p>

If you have an accident and your license is suspended, your insurance claim could be rejected, adds Anne Marie Thomas of the Bureau.

Based on information provided by CBC's Kimberley Molina