Highest grossing film of the year. Cumberbatch plays a dead body in Doctor Strange


The highest-grossing film of the year. Cumberbatch played a dead body in Doctor Strange

In the blockbuster Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness, Scarlet Witch Wanda fights so desperately for the children, that Doctor Strange had to become a living corpse.

The Marvel blockbuster “Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness” was released in Ukraine, which has already collected a record $ 913.7 million at the worldwide box office in a month (with a budget of $200 million).

Benedict Cumberbatch in the tape in the form of a magician passes, changing disguises, from one layer of the universe to another, and confronts the Scarlet Witch – Wanda Maximoff. And she is ready to destroy everything in order to simply live an ordinary family life with her sons. Wanda Maximoff appears here after WandaVision. Fate tests everyone for strength: both evil and good.

It is not easy to figure out who is the antagonist and who is the protagonist in the film: director Sam Raimi (“Spider-Man”, “Evil Dead”) skillfully endows contradictory characteristics positive and negative characters.

Former neurosurgeon-turned-powerful sorcerer Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) limply watches the marriage of his fiancé Christina (Rachel McAdams) to another, telling some nonsense that he was not made for marital happiness.

The same thing on the other hand – the Scarlet Witch, she is Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), all her ability to change reality and subjugate chaos directs to live as a housewife with her boys – the children of a certain Vision (look at the information about the series “Wanda/Vision”). In one of the scenes, she heartily says: “Family is forever.” One kid at first refused to be covered by his mother for the night, and after this remark he said touchingly: “If you want, you can also cover me with a blanket.” Since the cruel sorceress is fighting for her quiet family happiness, she cannot be condemned for this.

Magic exposition

The tape shows that our universe consists of dozens of realities in layers. The film begins with Doctor Strange having a dream where he is protecting a young girl (Sochil Gomez) from a dragon. And then Steven meets her in the city. And the viewers are given to understand: our whole world is different versions of sleep, with a greater or lesser degree of persuasiveness. Or waking visions.

Therefore, we do not always understand – the hero died completely or for fun? Yeah, in this reality – absolutely, and in the other one – he is alive and well and eats with appetite. In one layer – he marvelously married Christina, in the other – Dr. eccentric with the letter “m”. At the same time, Cumberbatch plays all these versions of himself with passion, slightly surprised at the world-pie with a lot of probabilities: British hardening in relation to paradoxes is felt. At the same time, the feeling that somewhere it really is, and where exactly you are – real and most effective: a question that can be solved all your life.

As for the sorceress, she has only two hypostases: the Scarlet Witch or the widow-housewife Wanda Maximoff. And the second wants to get into that version of the universe where she is happy with her children. To do this, you just need to use the very girl America Chavez, who starred in the Doctor: a teenage girl has a pronounced ability to open portals between worlds. But the Witch must sacrifice Chavez to get where she wants to be. At the same time, her incarnation, which is the Scarlet Witch, this fact is on the drum, and the one where she is Wanda and the mother of two children is not quite.

Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch and personal happiness

< p>There is something very human in the fact that mythological characters are desperately fighting for their little personal happiness, destroying dozens of beautiful (like a blooming apple orchard) or terrible (colliding planets) worlds along the way. Superhumans want to be just people filled to the brim with ordinary earthly happiness.

A doctor in the heat of battle in one of his incarnations will become a half-decayed, but living corpse, which at the same time skillfully fights. Even in this form, Benedict Cumberbatch has not lost his charm, imbued with irony. Humor does not allow the tape to sink into hopeless horror: filmed on the verge.

Scarlet Witch strives to be only a diligent housewife-mother, but why is she constantly interfered with? There will be a charming dialogue between the Doctor and the Witch on this subject.

Scarlet Witch: “I want to get out of this reality and into one where I can be with my children.”

Doctor Strange: “You created them with magic.”

Scarlet Witch: “Like any other mother.”Beautiful answer! This is check. And checkmate: “If there is a universe where you are happy, would you really not want to go there?”

The highest-grossing film of the year. Cumberbatch played a dead body in Doctor Strange

It turns out that all these demigods of the Marvel Cinematic Universe do not need any absolute power, but all they need is a pinch of personal happiness. The super-heroic movie comic here reached the level of Goethe's Faust, when the great magician did not find anything better than to ask the devil Mephistopheles Gretchen in return for a soul. Could this doctor Faust just meet her at a dance or in a tavern?

But which of the heroes is worthy of personal happiness and what will be the price for him – an even higher power decides.

The movie will culminate when Scarlet Witch realizes she can't look “bad” to her boys. And you will cry with her: actress Elizabeth Olsen does not give any chance not to do this, turning her mother's heart inside out. galloping pace. But we gave you a few “tips” on what is happening so that you do not worry about the details of the manipulations of the heroes with the light Book of Vishanti or the dark Book of Darkhold, but simply enjoy the spectacular transformations of the characters and the dramatic denouement in the finale.

We advise you to go to the cinema – the pie of realities is impressive: from the panoramas of the underworld with monsters – to the Gardens of Eden, from views of western megacities – to eastern temples and fortresses.