Hipra calculates that its vaccine against covid-19 could be approved in November

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The pharmaceutical company estimates that its coronavirus vaccine can be marketed “immediately” as soon as it achieves final approval

Hipra estimates that its covid-19 vaccine could be approved in November

Hipra's covid-19 vaccine — the first injection designed and manufactured in Spain to deal with coronavirus infections— could achieve the final approval in November. As reported by pharmaceutical executives at a press conference held this Tuesday in Brussels, the European Medicines Agency (EMA)  Finalizing the review of the clinical trials carried out to date with this vaccine to authorize its marketing. Everything indicates that the entity will pronounce itself. on the subject in the coming weeks. Probably well into November.

The company estimates that as soon as the vaccine against covid-19 achieves final approval it could be marketed “immediately”. In this sense, it is estimated that the Hipra injections against the coronavirus could take only a week to reach the outpatient clinics of the countries that have acquired it. In principle, these immunizations would be used as a booster dose for people previously vaccinated with other pharmaceuticals.

Hipra estimates that its vaccine against covid-19 could be approved in November

As he advanced The company's R&D director, Elia Torroella, the pharmaceutical company is also preparing to close a purchase agreement with Europe. “Many European countries are interested in buying the Hipra vaccine. We are also in talks with countries in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East,” he explained. the spokeswoman for the company from Girona in an interview with EL PERIÓDICO.

New generation vaccine

Hipra's covid-19 vaccine is the The only Spanish vaccine that has completed the clinical trial process and is ready for final authorization. As clinical trials to date have shown, this injection has shown high rates of effectiveness against all variants detected to date of the coronavirus responsible for covid-19: from the one originating in Wuhan to the most widespread variations during the pandemic, such as beta, delta, and ómicron. Recently, a high effectiveness against the subvariants BA.2, BA.4 and BA.5 of ómicron: the lineages that are  >setting the course of the pandemic in practically the whole world.

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