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History-Geo-GSP 2024 baccalaureate subject: the first day test revealed this Wednesday, June 19

“History-Geo-GSP 2024 baccalaureate subject: the test of the first day revealed this Wednesday, June 19”

Bac HGGSP 2024. This is the first day of the specialty tests, for many candidates it starts with the history-g test. oacute;o, geopolitics, political sciences. The subject of the 2024 baccalaureate test is revealed. this Wednesday.

The essentials

  • Candidates for the 2024 baccalaureate who have chosen the specialty history-geography, geopolitics, political sciences (HGGSP) meet either today or tomorrow in front of their copy, from 2 p.m. 6 p.m.
  • The HGGSP subject of the first day of this session of the 2024 baccalaureate is available today, it is available today. find below, thanks to à our partnership with Studyrama.
  • Another subject will be transmitted to students taking the history-geography test on Thursday June 20, it will be & Also available on this page.

The subject of the specialty test is HGGSP in bac 2024 – Wednesday June 19

French high schools abroad took their 2024 baccalaureate exams several days ago. Around the world, some students chose to continue HGGSP specialty education in their final year, so they were assessed on it in the baccalaureate. For this 2024 edition of specialty education history-geography, geopolitics and political science, North American students were asked to work on a study of documents whose theme focused on the “challenges of the enhancement and protection of Venetian heritage”, and to choose between two dissertation topics: “The conquest of maritime territories and space: an assertion tool for States” and “The construction of memories: issues and actors”.

For students from other foreign centers who have passed the exam. In the first day's test, the two optional essays focused on: "Making peace since the 17th century : successes and limits" and “Scientific cooperation since the end of the 19th century : actors, issues, limits". While the theme of the critical study was: "China, maritime power, space power". 

For those who have passed é In the second day's test, the subject of the critical document study was: "the& #39;environment, between exploitation and protection. The two themes of the dissertation part were related to: them: "The promotion and protection of heritage in France : actors, issues, limits" and "Seas and oceans : between assertion of powers and international cooperation".

What were the subjects considered likely:

Like every year, a few weeks before the start of the tests, several specialized sites offer predictions as to the subjects who will fall in June. For this 2024 edition of the baccalaureate, the subjects considered probable this year are:

  • Affirmations of power, rivalry and cooperation;
  • China: à the conquest of space, seas and oceans;
  • Forms of conflict and methods of building peace;
  • The Middle East: regional conflicts and attempts at peace;
  • Exploit and protect the environment in the face of climate change.

As for all subjects in the baccalaureate, the results of the history-geography test ;graphy, geopolitics and political sciences will be known at the time of publication of all results,   know Monday 8 July 2024.

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