Hits of summer 2022. Madonna, Beyoncé, Gorillaz and Alena Alena sing about victory


    Hits of summer 2022. Madonna, Beyoncé, Gorillaz and Alena Alena sing about victory

    Focus has selected the best new summer compositions of world and Ukrainian stars about victory over yourself. Never give up!

    Madonna, after forty years of career, has decided to reload old tracks. Beyoncé has returned to acting after a six-year hiatus. Gorillaz are encouraged to follow the new cult of Cracker – and everything will work out. Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil shared their thoughts about the war in a new song, and the Lviv-based electronics artist Ship Her Son dedicated a frantic instrumental to the looting of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

    Hits of summer 2022. Madonna, Beyoncé, Gorillaz and Alena Alena sing about victory

    Madonna – Ray of Light (Sasha Ultra Violet remix edition). Reboot

    Madonna has not released any new music for three years. But, feeling that she had stagnated, the queen of pop reminded herself by relaunching the old material in new packages.

    After a series of versions of the spellbinding hit Frozen, recorded, of course, exclusively with young rappers, the artist released an album of remixes: from the single Everybody from the first album to Medellin and I Don’t Search I Find 2019. You can already listen to a collection of 16 updated tracks, and in August there will be fifty tracks. Moreover, the released remixes topped the Billboard Dance Club Songs.

    The American pop star, despite being 63 years old, still finds successful ways to market herself. Listen to the updated track from 1998 and you will understand why – it still sounds fresh, it's impossible not to dance.

    Beyonce — Break My Soul. The spirit is strong

    Break My Soul is the first track from the forthcoming album released by Beyoncé and the sixth on the Renaissance tracklist. There will be 16 tracks in total.

    Beyoncé announced the release of the new record in mid-June, the release is scheduled for July 29. Streaming platform Tidal, owned by singer-songwriter Jay Z, posted a minimalistic message. It hints that Renaissance will consist of several parts. At the end of July, the “first act” will be presented.

    So far, Beyoncé has released the song Break My Soul: in it, the singer does not lean so much on R&B, as she gives more club house sound, although with “conversational” hip-hop inserts. She clearly hit the dance – after the veteran pop scene Madonna. Beyoncé said in a recent interview, “My music brings a lot of people together on the dance floor.” The new album will be released in a month.

    In the new composition, you can also hear “fragments” of the old ones: a sample from the 1990s dance hit Show Me Love by Robin S and a sample from Explode by rapper Big Freedia. One of the co-authors of Break My Soul is the pop diva's husband, rapper Jay Z.

    But what is the single about? We listen: “I'm on the verge of a breakdown, you need to remove this burden from yourself. Bend, break, don't you want to get rid of it? Let go of your spirit, yak-yak. I appeal to everyone: you can't break my spirit!”. In short, no matter what, Beyoncé's fighting spirit is strong!

    Gorillaz ft. Thundercat – Cracker Island. Paradise Island

    British virtual band Gorillaz, created by Blur frontman Damon Albarn, released a new single called Cracker Island for the first time this year. The song features American bass guitarist and singer Stephen Lee Bruner, who performs under the pseudonym Thundercat.

    The song's lyrics suggest becoming members of the so-called “Last Cult”, the self-proclaimed leader of which is Gorillaz bass player Murdoch Niccols. It's a cult of Cracker's Island, where “seeds germinate in just a night” and where “you can create an imaginary paradise.”

    Thundercat vocally complements the instrumental, making the track more melodic. A person accustomed to melody will be pleasantly surprised in this composition by the presence of a chorus and a rather virtuoso arrangement.

    Аlyona Аlyona and Jerry Heil “Chomou”. Unanswered questions

    Ukrainian artists Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil (Yana Shemayeva) are not the first to perform as a duet – in April they released a successful and poignant track “Ridni moi”. The scheme is the same: Jerry Heil brings out the refrains in a gentle voice, and Alyona Alyona wisely and harshly raps between them: the perfect combination of characters.

    This time, the performers presented the song “Chomu”, which talks about Ukrainians since the beginning of the war, they have been in a difficult condition, everything around was divided into “ours” – “alien”, into “black” and white.

    “Cry, get angry, be empty – it seems,” normal “and break the skin like that. That way, bit by bit, get together in the whole, if everything is just black and white?” the artists sing. The video was solved in the same concept: Alyona Alyona – on a black background, Jerry Heil – on a white background.

    “Why were people's homes taken away? Why were people's safety taken away? Why should people suffer? Why should children cry? With the advent of war, Jerry Heil and I realized that the best good in the world is to serve. To show love. All truths are simple. Dear “the earth has no analogues. Intuition is the voice of the soul. And if you repeat these truths to yourself in the morning and before going to bed, if you hear yourself, if you love without expecting love, if you respect your native land, then the space around you will be pure, like spring water” , — wrote Аlyona Аlyona under the video.

    The rapper also admitted that when Yana sent her the chorus of the future composition, she simply drowned in it: “I have a lot of questions that are difficult to find answers now, but I’m looking for them, because in order to put everything on the shelves in my head and understand how live on. I often meet people who have the same questions, and I want our new society, which is being formed here and now, to give answers to these questions not at the price it gives now, “the artist shared her thoughts.

    Ship Her Son—Alles Wird Gut. “Dedication” to invaders-thieves

    Electronic musician from Lviv Ship Her Son (Anton Shiferson) has released the single Alles Wird Gut from the upcoming mini-album. It was directed by Palindrome (Stepan Burban). The name of the instrumental track is translated from German as “everything will be fine” – of course, irony is embedded in it.

    The clip uses Soviet archival videos with harvesting footage interspersed with flashes of fire, fires, a pile of skulls. The track is “dedicated” to the fact that the Russian invaders stole 400,000 tons of grain in Ukraine. However, the clip ends optimistically: a fountain of a spinning “sprinkler”, trees bloom again in spring and crops sprout – this occupation locust will perish from Ukraine.


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