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Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough and guides: all our tips for getting started on the adventure

Your journey to Scotland gets off to a flying start in Hogwarts Legacy. Fortunately, we have prepared you for this challenge. some guides and tips to help you à become the greatest wizards of all time.

[Mis à updated on February 21, 2023 2:08 p.m.]Hogwarts Legacy is available! After several years of waiting, the open-world RPG from Avalanche Software and Warner Games has arrived. on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. An event release for millions of fans who are discovering the wizarding universe for the first time from every angle. For hundreds of thousands of novices, this first experience of an open-world role-playing game can sometimes seem difficult to access, having its own mechanics and functionalities that we must master in order to progress well. In order to help you in your first steps à Hogwarts, here are our guides and tips on Hogwarts Legacy.

Which house to choose in Hogwarts Legacy?

Always at the center of debates among Harry Potter fans, belonging to Harry Potter one of the four Houses of the prestigious school, and its impact on your personality. Hogwarts Legacy does things very well in its own universe :

The puzzles and mysteries of Hogwarts Legacy

Small puzzles distributed throughout the four corners of Hogwarts, the doors to Arithmancy can nevertheless be opened from the start of the game.  We explain how to do it:

How to unlock flight and mounts ?

Arriving only relatively late in the game's campaign, mounts and flying are essential aspects of Hogwarts Legacy's gameplay. ugrave; and how to unlock them:

How to access the Room of Requirement ?

Your base in Hogwarts Legacy is none other than the famous Room of Requirement. We explain how to access it.

How to unlock Unforgivable Spells ?

The Unforgivable Curses are very present in Hogwarts Legacy. We explain where they are found. and how to unlock them, & your risks and peril:

The wizarding world doesn't really have unemployment or housing benefit. To survive in this financially harsh world, we have prepared you for this challenge. some tips.

The early days of a PC game as demanding as Hogwarts Legacy are always hectic. Here is our guide to fixing crashes and bugs.

Hogwarts Legacy is available since February 7, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

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