Holaluz warns of “unauthorized access” to its systems that has affected “sensitive” customer data

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Holaluz warns of

The energy company Holaluz has alerted the stock market BME Growth through a statement that it has detected unauthorized access to their systems that has affected a “limited” number of clients and has “Some sensitive data was compromised“.

According to the company, the incident has been resolved “immediately” with “diligence” and “according to current legal procedures”, following the procedure established by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The company a has enabled communication channels specific to manage queries arising from the incident.

Also with Orange

< p>Orange was exposed in the same way yesterday after leaking sensitive data from a “limited” number of the company's clients.The incident, which occurred this Monday, compromised data such as the name, surnames, telephone, email, date of birth, nationality, DANI and even IBAN code of the checking account entity of those affected.