Holiday for the funeral of Elizabeth II in Canada: open or closed? | Death of Queen Elizabeth II

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Public holiday for the funeral of Elizabeth II in Canada: open or closed? | Death of the Queen É Elizabeth II

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Monday will be a day off for the approximately 320,000 federal public servants across Canada. By doing so, almost all federal services will be closed, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's announcement of a national day of mourning on Monday for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II does not have the same resonance everywhere. in the country.

Services provided by federal employees will be closed on September 19. This includes Service Canada offices and specialized passport offices that serve clients in person. Canada Post will also observe this holiday: there will be no mail delivery and post offices will be closed.

Banks and other federally regulated services and businesses have not been ordered to close, but they can decide to do so. It is therefore advisable to inform yourself before you travel.

In Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the provincial governments have been clear: this day will not be a public holiday. Provincial services and private businesses will therefore remain open to the public.

The office of Ontario Premier Doug Ford has indicated that September 19 will instead be a provincial day of mourning. The people of Ontario will observe a minute of silence at 1:00 p.m. that day. For example, LCBO stores will be open Monday, but a moment of silence will be observed at 1 p.m. As for OC Transpo, services will be offered according to the normal schedule, but at 1 p.m., all trains and buses will be stopped for a period of 96 seconds.

Across the Atlantic, public schools and provincial government offices will be closed. In Nova Scotia, child care centers have been added to this list. In addition, Prince Edward Island will be the only province to impose a public holiday for private companies for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. The other Atlantic provinces leave the choice to companies and it is therefore advisable to inquire before moving into a business.

British Columbia has also declared Monday, September 19 a statutory holiday in the province. Elementary and secondary schools, post-secondary institutions and the majority of Crown corporations will be closed. British Columbia is also encouraging private sector employers to follow suit. As the choice is theirs, it is advisable to inquire before traveling.

The same is true in the Yukon, where government employees and children will be in vacations. Schools, the courthouse and other public services will be closed on Monday, to allow those who wish to pay their respects to the Queen. In the Northwest Territories, Premier Caroline Cochrane announced that all public services will remain open.

Manitoba is halfway there. Government employees who work in non-essential services will benefit from a public holiday on Monday. All non-essential government services and offices will therefore be closed. But schools, daycares and health care facilities will remain open.

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