Holiday Shopping: Bargain Hunting at the Heart of Spending

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Holiday shopping: bargain hunting at the heart of spending

Report by Flavie Sauvageau

Consumers expect to spend as much as last year for the holidays. But to get there, they plan to seek out the discounts further.

Inflation and the cost of living are top holiday concerns for 26% of Canadians. The financial situation of 60% of them is worse this year than it was in 2021.

Despite inflation, Quebecers will spend $588 for the upcoming holiday season, $13 more than last year, according to a Léger survey commissioned by the Retail Council of Canada. That's a far cry from the national average, as Canadians plan to shell out $790 for the same period, down $2 from last year.

We note this year in particular that people want to go shopping, want to go back to the shops to make their purchases, indicates Michel Rochette, president for Quebec from the Retail Council of Canada. In fact, six in ten Canadians plan to shop in-store.

But at the same time, people are more inclined to seek discounts given the inflation we are experiencing, he adds.

To circumvent the inflation, Canadians plan to use several methods.

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Consumer desire to save money is felt in Quebec stores. We have a lot of window shopping, notes Patricia St-Amour, manager at the Souris Mini store in Place de la Cité.

While the last two years have been marked by the pandemic, Ms. St-Amour hopes that inflation will not hold consumers back too much. We had a rather difficult period […] we are trying to find a busier period, we did not have it last year, we can't wait to see!

At the Gosselin Photo boutique, the portrait is different. Sales are going very well, people are shopping a lot, so we are expecting a great holiday season, says store manager Jean-François Gauthier. Rising prices aren't much of a drag on customers, he adds.

With information from Flavie Sauvageau

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