Horoscope on 5 Dec for all zodiac signs

Гороскоп на 5 декабря для всех знаков зодиака

Thursday, December 5, the day must be especially careful to protect their secrets.

And “FACTS” offer horoscope on 5 Dec for all zodiac signs.

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Be especially careful with the car. Set aside time for making any decisions regarding your personal life.


Don’t ever give anybody money: otherwise you can say goodbye to your money forever.


A good day to start new projects related to the construction or repair of the apartment.


You have a chance to curry favor with their bosses. don’t promise more than you can do.


An unexpected event can lead to serious conflicts at home.


Avoid places of a big congestion of people as there is a risk of injury due to the negligence of others.


Don’t be afraid to change your life, if you are not happy in the emotional sphere.


The day will be enough conflict, so it is best to devote to the care of health.


You will obviously drive it, you will be on top in every sense of the expression.


You are in for a pleasant surprise at work, in business and industry. Be careful with household cleaning products.


Do not open this day accounts in banks, not to invest in any enterprise that does not engage in currency exchange.


Be careful with any sharp objects: you can cut even with a sharp edge of the paper.

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