Horrendous penalties for latecomers. They can be as high as PLN 7,000. What is it actually about

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The national lowest will increase with the new year. This is bad news for drivers. For what reason?

 Horrendous penalties for sp & oacute; s. They can be up to 7,000 zlotys. What exactly is it about

As the “Interia” portal reminds, the lowest salary will increase from January 2023. There is good news for employees, especially in the face of record high inflation. In the first half of the year, the national lowest will increase to PLN 3,490 gross. However, this is not good news for drivers who will pay for their liability insurance policy. For a passenger car, the lack of a valid policy may result in a fine of PLN 6,020. Meet the cheesy!

Penalties for students

Passenger car owners who pay the liability insurance policy must take into account a penalty of twice the lowest domestic – PLN 6020. In the same situation, owners of motorbikes and mopeds will pay a third of the minimum wage, i.e. PLN 1,000.

Owners of trucks, tractors and buses will be exposed to a much greater expense. Lack of civil liability in their case may result in a penalty of three times the lowest in the country – from the new year it will be a fine of PLN 9030.

 Horrendous penalties for partners. They can be up to 7,000 zlotys. What exactly is it about

Importantly, we have to take into account the penalty even if we do not drive the car to the streets. The Insurance Guarantee Fund is able to catch the lack of a policy, even if the car is not directly inspected.

This is not the end

It turns out that the penalty for persons without a valid third party liability insurance policy will double in 2023, because the minimum indexation will double domestic. In the second half of the year, the fine for spouses will increase to 7.2 thousand. PLN.

The two-fold indexation of the national minimum is caused by inflation, which exceeds 5 percent. Only in September this year, inflation was 17.2 percent. Unfortunately, the experts do not have good news for us, the following months will bring even higher inflation, which in the worst scenarios may exceed the level of 20 percent.

 Horrendous punishments for sp & oacute ; źnialskich. They can be up to PLN 7,000. What exactly is it about

What do you think about the amount of fines for the lack of valid civil liability?

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