House of the Dragon: Emilia Clarke refuses to watch the Game of Thrones spin-off

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The interpreter of Daenerys in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke refuses to watch House of the Dragon, the spin-off of the series that made her famous.

Like a George Clooney who saw his career take off after his performance in ER, Emilia Clarke owes a lot to Game of Thrones. The phenomenon series adapted from the novels of George R.R. Martin allowed the young woman to stand out in the role of the fearsome Daenerys Targaryen. Her performance earned her several nominations for the Emmy Awards (4) and the Critics Awards (3) and after eight seasons, the actress as Game of Thrones has bowed out.

Since then, Emilia Clarke has contributed to several minor projects such as Above Suspicion or Murder Manual, but we know that she will participate in the future Marvel series Secret Invasion. That said, the Targaryen ancestors of the heroine embodied by Emilia Clarke are experiencing a second youth on HBO via House of the Dragon, spin-off fromGame of Thrones. And surprisingly, the actress recently confessed that she was not one of the millions of viewers who watched the first season attentively.

Indeed, during the VarietyStudio show, she confided to Matt Donnelly that she wasn't watching this spin-off:

“No, I'm not House of the Dragon. Can you forgive me? It's too weird. I'm so happy it works. I'm thrilled that she's getting all these awards… But I can't watch her. It's just too weird. It's like being asked, do you want to go to that high school reunion that's not in your class. Do you want to go there? That's the feeling I get. So I avoid doing it. ยป

We obviously understand the decision of Emilia Clarke who probably wants to move on now. And although some will retort that this does not prevent him from watching the series, we must respect his choice which responds somewhere to a certain logic. She left the franchise and all that is behind her (there is also a hint of melancholy in her words). In addition, you can rent your franchise (many would have lied in this kind of situation).

Either way, this statement shouldn't upset the showrunners and HBO since House of the Dragon garnered both audience and critical acclaim. Emma D'Arcy has also established herself as a worthy heir to Emilia Clarke by slipping into the skin of Daenerys' ancestor (not to mention Matt Smith's performance in worrying Daemon). Succession is therefore well assured.

This is why it is useless to argue following this admission (and we must once again underline the sincerity of the actress). The future looks bright for House of the Dragon after a successful (and Golden Globe-winning) first season. As for Emilia Clarke, she will lend her voice to the animated character of Malicia in the feature film Maurice the Fabulous Cat, which will be released on February 1, 2023.

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