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House of the Dragon review: our opinion on season 2 of the event series


Two years have passed since season 1 of House of the Dragon. It is an understatement to say that this sequel is highly anticipated as these first episodes seduced us and left us with enormous suspense. We were able to see the first two episodes of this second season. Here is our guaranteed spoiler-free verdict.

Remember that we arrive just after the death of Lucerys, the son of Rhaenyra and Daemon. The couple is hell-bent on revenge and the knives are sharper than ever. Of course, these characters could consider more peaceful diplomatic options, but nothing is less certain, because being able to sit on the Iron Throne comes at a price…

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House of the Dragon review: our opinion on season 2 of the event series

One thing is certain: we will have earned our return to Westeros. After the success of Game of Thrones and, let's be honest, the disappointment of the end of the series, the spin-off House of the Dragon has a lot of responsibility. After a first season unanimously praised by critics, we were left a little hungry. The finale of season 1 of House of the Dragon was majestic. The challenge of this season was to live up to it and come back with such power. The stakes of season 2 of House of the Dragon are considerable and the series wants to be more furious than ever. The war between the Greens (House Hightower) and the Blacks (House Targaryen) is imminent and the blood, which has already been shed, will continue to drip onto the ground. King's Landing will soon be in flames and blood.

From the first minutes of the first episode, season 2 of House of the Dragon puts us back in the mood, and what an atmosphere! We find ourselves transported to Westeros, ready to take up arms to defend the house we support. As with the first season, the spin-off of Game of Thronesenjoys slick photography, with breathtaking costumes and sets. The writing of the characters is as good and intelligent as ever. If you want action and to be glued to your seat/armchair/sofa, season 2 of House of the Dragon is waiting for you than you! And what a treat to find this soundtrack still so powerful and intense…

House of the Dragon review: our opinion on season 2 of the event series

From the first scene, we feel that these new episodes adopt a broader focus than the first season and return to the lore of the original saga with the entry on the scene of figures well known to the general public. An assumed desire that deepens the intrigues, because each house in the kingdom must make its choice between King Aegon and Queen Rhaenyra.

Faithful to the DNA of the franchise, the production knows how to show the intimate scenes where the intrigues are tied up. We observe these torn heroes who only have bad choices available to them. As for the surprises, they never fail to glue us to the screen at regular intervals. Those who criticized season 1 for its relative calm will not be disappointed.

As is often the case in Game of Thrones, the narrative is served by a superb soundtrack and acting that carries us away. However, we remain a little unsatisfied with the landscapes and battles, but we suspect that the best is yet to come.

Cruelty and violence are on the menu in this introduction where each clan wants revenge on the other. Civil war seems inevitable, although some protagonists try to advocate conciliation.

If you liked season 1 of House of the Dragon, you clearly will not be disappointed by this introduction which picks up where the series left us, while offering something new and enormous stakes.

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