House of the Dragon: the burning detail of episode 8 that escaped you

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Episode 8 of House of the Dragon unveiled its tragic and dramatic ambitions. But behind the unfolding drama, someone is preparing a competition rotisserie. SPOILER WARNING.

With the ultimate supper of two families now called upon to tear each other apart and oppose each other in a bloody war, the series that follows Game of Thrones(by revealing to us the past of one of its most glorious dynasties), offered us an extremely powerful episode of rare mastery. We came back to it in our review dedicated to this chapter which will change everything.

It must be said that with the long-announced death of Viserys, his clan faces a final attempt at reunion, while the sovereign with a rotting body launches his last forces in this enterprise of conciliation. Cruelly, while 'he seems to have achieved his ends and can abandon himself to an agony that he has postponed for too long, his last words, while he believes he is addressing his daughter Rhaenyra, will induce error Alicent.

A very legitimate mistake, whose consequences willt be mercilessfor all those who aspire to approach the crown. But in this whirlwind of death and ambitions, a brief sequence from episode 8 may have gone unnoticed… However, it is a harbinger of many events to come.

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Before Daemon and his wife travel to King's Landing to secure their access to the throne, it is discovered that the pissed off uncle is busy recovering a dragon's egg.The skit lasts just a few seconds, but make no mistake, this is perhaps the most fundamental element of the freshly aired chapter. First of all, because the flying and fire-breathing lizards will be at the center of the coming seasons, as the real sinews of war.

Because dragons and their eggs will be at the heart of several intrigues, all fundamental, while dragon theft is already a thorny subject. Indeed, we remember that Daemon, already him, almost caused a diplomatic crisis by stealing an egg, a decade earlier. Let's also remember that the fact that Aemond manages to tame the fire dragon Laena. Daemon, impulsive as he is, is perfectly aware of the stakes he holds in his hands, no doubt already projecting himself into a tormented future, since being Rhaenyra's husband will certainly force him to fight.

The mixture of gravity and excitement the character feels as he literally lays his hands on a new egg says a lot about what has been going on for a long time. Weapons of mass destruction, which will have all but disappeared by the end of the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons, will further proliferate and prosper, as the Targaryens seem to be already relishing the thought of setting their opponents on fire. .

Undoubtedly, the fate of each burning reptile, but also of the eggs, will play a fundamental role in the battles that s 'announce.

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