House of the Dragon: the showrunner compares the Game of Thrones spin-off to Star Wars


The showrunner reportedly mentioned a resemblance between the Targaryens of the Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon and the Jedi of the famous space opera.

Three years after the broadcast of one of the most divisive outcomes in the history of the serial landscape, aficionados of the flagship series Game of Thrones are eagerly awaiting a new iteration of the franchise washes away the memory of the final season. And because the universe sometimes does things well, the author of the Iron Throne novels, George R.R. Martin, had already expressed, in 2018, the desire to adapt his novel to the small screen. Fire and Blood.

The spin-off made official by HBO a year later, House of the Dragonwill therefore tell the tale of the rise and fall of the Targaryen dynasty. Set 200 years before the events of the original series, the series will mainly trace the civil war which led to the loss of the famous house, and caused the total extinction of the dragons. Enough to guarantee a political intrigue centered, like Game of Thrones, around the multiple family twisters characteristic of these powerful lineages.

Drawing up the family tree… with all that entails of incest

Twisters that, according to screenwriter and executive producer Ryan Condal, would also be reminiscent of those, not from another family, but from another organization from a well-known franchise. Thus, during an interview granted to The Hollywood Reporter, the latter had fun comparing the Targaryens to the Jedi of Star Wars.

Certainly, at first glance, the comparison is not very obvious. But according to Condal, it is not meaningless. Indeed, according to him, the Targaryens can be compared to a group of once dominant individuals, whose abilities remain largely mysterious to the spectators. And, in fact, the past glory and the famous fall of the house are more often mentioned than they are enacted by the original series, which Condal likens to the treatment of the Jedi between the original trilogy and the prelogy :

Luke Targaryen

“To me, the Targaryens are like the Jedi from Star Wars. The viewer is continually told how powerful that group was in another time, so they want to see that greatness, that power. And now , he can”.

And it would seem that the comparison between the Game of Thrones spin-off and George Lucas' space opera doesn't stop there. Thus, Robert Greenblatt, the former head of HBO's parent company, WarnerMedia, meanwhile mentioned in another interview with The Hollywood Reporter, not the Jedi, but the Disney + series The Mandalorian .

As cute as Baby Yoda

Here again, the analogy is enough to raise some inquisitive eyebrows. Neither the plot, nor the characters, nor even the overall narrative of these two series seem comparable. What Greenblatt really wanted to emphasize is the colossal importance that the two series have played, and will play, vis-à-vis their respective streaming platforms.

When House of the Dragon was given the green light to go into production in 2019, the series was immediately ordered for broadcast on HBO Max, whose services were not yet live. The spin-off of Game of Thrones was then to serve as a springboard for the platform and attract as many subscribers as possible:

New headliner and goose with golden eggs

“I put pressure on a lot of people to make this series happen as quickly as possible. We were all well aware that Disney+ was launched thanks to The Mandalorian. lot of intellectual property ready to be exploited, but at least we had House of the Dragon in the pipeline, and that's something that mattered to a lot of people globally. I couldn't ask for a better project to develop.”

All in all, House of the Dragon will have nothing to do with Star Wars, but the two comparisons aroused are not devoid of interest. Indeed, given their respective successes, it is not ridiculous to find parallel elements between the two phenomena, whether on the narrative, economic or strategic level. Moreover, House of the Dragon will be broadcast, in France,from August 22 on OCS. It remains to be seen if we can see, after the Starbucks cups, a lightsaber trainer.


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