How a tennis ball can save from chips on the bumper


May 27, 2022, 14:07 | Auto

A life hack for drivers.

How a tennis ball can save from chips on the bumper< /p>

A life hack that will help protect your car from scratches and chips while parking in your own garage. This is especially relevant for those car owners in whose family, in addition to themselves, other family members use the car, and after driving and parking, marks remain on the car. Also, this life hack is useful for those who cannot calculate the distance when driving into the garage and the bumper of the car and other parts of the body suffer from it all the time, informs Ukr.Media.

All you need for this is a tennis ball a basket and a rope that will extend from the ceiling of the garage to the windshield of the car. A tennis ball is perfect in this case because it's light and won't damage the windshield, but you'll hear it when it hits it. If, instead of a tennis ball, you find your own option, it will also be good. Here the main thing is to hear the warning sound and not to damage the glass.

To mark the distance where to hang the ball, first of all you need to park the car in the position that will be the most correct. The rope should be long enough for the ball to hang at the level of the middle of the glass of the machine. When you measure the length of the rope, it is better to do it with a margin, after you attach it to the ceiling, cut off the excess. When the car will drive into the garage, the knock of the ball on the glass will tell you that the car has stopped in the most optimal position and if it drives further, it will damage something.


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