How can a man have a baby without a partner?

How can a man have a baby without a partner?

How can a man have a baby without a partner?

The modern era – other opportunities, unusual views on family, marriage, childbirth. Now, a person does not even need to have a partner to start his own family bloodline. This is confirmed by the stars of show business and ordinary citizens when they single-handedly raise their own baby, who was born with the assistance of a surrogate mother. Advanced medical technologies have been put into practice in reproductive services from the Feskov Human Reproduction Group, including surrogacy, IVF, donation.

Surrogacy and single father

All over the world, gestational surrogacy is widespread, when the surrogate mother is not related to the child at the genetic level. In total, single future dads go through the same process, face the same challenges as married couples. However, there are also differences.

Let’s start with the fact that not all countries allow surrogacy for bachelors. For example, in Ukraine, for the transfer of an embryo, a surrogate mother requires a marriage certificate of the intended parents.










In this case, the specialists of our Center implement exclusive guaranteed surrogacy services, IVF with oocyte donation for unmarried people, at fixed prices, without additional payments. Therefore, the whole process for a future father usually looks like this:

  1.  Medical diagnostics, consultations, analyzes.
  2.  Selection of a verified egg donor of any phenotype from our database.
  3.  Possibility of personal acquaintance with a woman who donates her reproductive cells.
  4.  Choice and communication, it could be remotely, with candidates for surrogates from our database.
  5.  Conducting in vitro fertilization with donor oocytes and the sperm of the intended parent. Preparatory manipulations of a medical nature for a surrogate mother so that she is ready for embryo transfer. Cryo-freezing of created embryos examined for hereditary deseases.
  6. The trip of the surrogate mother to the selected country where embryonic transplantation is legal. Transportation of frozen embryos there for transplantation.
  7. Transfer of the embryo into the uterine cavity of a woman.
  8. Pregnancy and delivery of a surrogate mother in a selected country in the world.

States where the procedure is legal for unmarried people:

  • USA;
  • Russia;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Georgia.

In the case of husband and wife, oocytes and sperm of a couple are used for IVF. For singles, donor genetic material is used. This is the whole difference between the procedure for future dads.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Before choosing a surrogacy journey alone, it will not be superfluous to overlook all the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.


  • the realization of the cherished dream of a native bloodline, even without a soul mate;
  • the newborn will be genetically related to the father;
  • creating a friendly, long-term relationship with the surrogate mother;
  • sometimes, for a bachelor, this process may be easier compared to adoption, because often the biological mother or the commission prefer full foster families with two parents.


  • surrogate motherhood requires a large budget, which can be overwhelming for a single man;
  • surrogate services can be expensive or prohibited in home country, so intended fathers have no choice but to seek help abroad, where their difficulties and problems lie in wait (for example, a prohibition for singles);
  • condemnation of society, social labels that the future father will have to face during the pregnancy of the surrogate mother and after the birth of the baby;
  • baby requires a lot of attention, emotion, time and other resources from a single father.

Each situation is individual. Sometimes, you can consider the possibility of adoption – to give love and care to an abandoned baby. It is important to contact a reliable agency or directly a reproductive clinic. The Feskov Human Reproduction Group specialists will tell all the nuances in detail, provide the necessary participation and support, and select the most convenient program. And after 12 months, you will turn into a real happy daddy!

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